Hello everyone my name is fail and I'm looking for a few people to come and join my crew. I have some grepolis experience I'm a decent leader, always looking for some help in that department as I would rather play. Currently its just me and Miss fail. Criteria will be pretty picky I'm looking for people I don't have to babysit, and you know people who do team work in all that BS so post a link to your stats if you're interested I have spots open on my island my BP ends tomorrow but we're in no rush for points. Long term players is what we want.

I'm in ocean 44, pretty chill area we can get a good core going where I'm at.

Hoping for players with these qualities
~active to the point I can comfortably say you have no life.
~aggressive enough that a judge deems you worthy of anger management.
~ gotta be a team player, I want to be able to move into another world after this and keep a good group together. So earn your spot
~ lastly gotta be able to have fun, this is a slow world, b.s. in the Skype room is the best social experience about this game. So maturity is a +