Elephants don't gossip like little girls, so to put this rumour to rest. We are pacted with ou la la,they are our family.


Rumor has it some MM and MS members work together on attacks. Should I exit now or would that be an error?


Let's just say I've actually had 120 ppl vs a35 person alliance and a 55 person alliance. Thought this was supposed to be a non hugging server? But that's my fault right?

And please remind me....... When have I had a whole world vs two small alliances less than half my size? Forgot which server that was. Please be specific, my memory is foggy.

And it's def gonna be over. I say you'll be closer to 150. What you lack in skill you make up for in numbers.


Al had to make a decision of either wab going to snowflakes or mori. Depriving them of nearly effectively cementing snowflakes guarantee for a dominance as long as they could reduce the traction of DD takeovers on their cities. But despite this merger the memento coalitions including many of their big players have too many cities on rocks and cities on far flings of the map not relevant to the domination area.
Snowflakes need to up the anti on the 45 front where the tt time of most mori played is too far for a siege break, take in the web players who are in vm and they will have this in the bag.