Emporioen Times-Issue II


Quick headlines (Headlines that are meant to tell you whats going on with no details)

The Order has been kicked to curb.

Undecided has more than doubled in points, according to rumors they have been taking some of redemption better players and now simply circle over head waiting to see what happens.

Espada has taken over the orders place as the number 4 alliance

Kill Count:

  • Blood N Guts are getting beaten by Undecided, Having lost 7 cities already
  • Undecided is dominating redemption, taking 3 cities from them
  • XXXXX are falling against the tides of redemption loosing 7 cities
  • Espada and eviction notice are at a stalmate each one taking only 1 city
Tavern Wall:
  • My alliance sucks-Jack
  • Redemption are a bunch of noobs- Anonymous

Rumor has it Espada and Eviction notice are at war.
Rumor has it that entire alliances came to this server just for gold
Rumor has it Dullahan needs more rumors and will make a rumor tab just to get the lattest gossip.
Rumor has it Dullahans top 12 will be late by a day or so
Rumor has it Undecided has taken some of redemption best players.
Rumor has it Redemption is struggling to swim right now more details to come.

Captain Pudding

What are your thoughts on the world so far?
It has been interesting for sure. At the start I thought Redemption were going to sit comfortably at the top but that's not the case anymore. The creation of the sister alliance seems to be causing them some problems and they are having issues against Undecided. There is some good competition though and I'm looking forward to seeing what we have in store for us over the next few weeks.
What are your goals for this world?
Apart from winning (which is the obvious answer to the question), I would say to create a good core in our ocean and achieve some form of ocean density. Even if we don't end up winning, we aim to put up as much of a fight as we can and to have some fun while we are at.
Did your alliance come from another world?
No. My alliance consists of a mixture of either players I have met and played with on other worlds, or experienced players I have caught in this ocean who I thought would be great additions to the team.
Has your alliance declared war on anyone yet?
Not yet. However I can see it happening in the near future. We have a couple alliances in our ocean and Espada to the North, so who knows.
Any last words for the paper?
I am looking forward to seeing how this world plays out. Lots of great players here and lots of trash talking already! Good luck to everyone.


What are your thoughts on the world so far?
Worlds Dead no real playing going on, lot of noobs
What are your goals for this world?
goals for world same as everyone win take home the gold
Did your alliance come from another world?
sorta we all played together one time or anohter
Has your alliance declared war on anyone yet?
pretty much redemtion and blood and guts
And any last words for the paper?
no not really and thank you

Current state of the world: (As of 1-19-2019)


World Standings:

AlliancePointsAverage PointsABPDBP
Eviction Notice4016571147611840430158
Blood N Guts24203793098148535491

Ocean Analysis:


Points (in Ocean)CitiesAVG Points
Eviction Notice288317543896
Silly Rabbits150855522901
Death Before Dishonor71292183961
Blood N Guts60793163800

AlliancePoints (in Ocean)CitiesAVG Points
Four Horsemen129962314192
Eviction Notice80139213816
Blood N Guts79128253816

AlliancePoints (in Ocean)CitiesAVG Points
Death Before Dishonor99027244126
Blood N Guts78822233427
Silly Rabbits52565134043
Young Guns39957113632
AlliancePoints (in Ocean)CitiesAVG Points
The Order197630404941
The Order80958243625


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Sooooo.... its been really quiet. Whats the word in emporoen
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Will posto my top 12 this weekend (they take me a while)

Will also post a newspaper this weekend

I'm sorry I got sick this week but I hope to try and do at least one major project every week preferably 2