Empire of Death-(E.O.D)


Ladies and Gentlemen..

My name is John or Deboy1, I am bringing the Empire of Death to this World along with as many Elite players from US & EN servers as I can find. I don't mind Turtles in (E.o.D) as long as you are aggressive and active on forums. Everyone has a different style of play, I am not one to judge... In the Empire of Death we have a chain of command that must always be followed along with rules that are strictly enforced. We are here to win crowns not to hold anyone's hand.


If you are an above average Grepolis player and the thought of playing with other elite players interest you, there are some things you might want to know.. (E.o.D) members will not be joining the world the first day it opens. Instead we will be joining the day after on the 14th @ 12:00:00 (UTC -5:00) heading towards the South. Our claimed ocean will be O56.

Very Important

What we expect every player to already know before they ask to join.

1) Must know how to use Grepolis Intel: Looking up inactive players and ghost cities, Offline times, Conquest history and hourly reports.

2) Must know how to Front-snipe and Back-snipe: (Conquest world)

3) Must have a smart phone with the Grepolis App.

4) Must understand the basics of the game Spells, Hero's, attacking and defending and most of all understand this is a team game. Teamwork is key.

The rules will be given to anyone who is thinking about joining. I will be asking you basic questions that will need to be answered and you will need to agree to the rules and the terms of the Alliance before an invite is sent. (E.o.D) is structured like this for a reason, I have a method behind my madness.

* No pact's, No Nap's or Allies.* There is no need for a Diplomat.

Invite to our Core

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I'd take your test, but haven't played Conquest, yet. Good luck to U & your alliance.


deboy finally a name i recognize look forward to fighting against u :D i will probably solo it out the first week or so of the game


You look for actives? I only take actives other wise I get bored.


Mr Smilodon, (E.o.D) was a bust in Rhyth.. I only had 2 true (E.o.D) members on that server and one had to quit. I joined S41 because I needed to replenish my ranks. I have got a handful of very good members who will join me on this server from S41.

I call them scouters leaders who go to different worlds promoting the (E.o.D) banner or play under another banner. And recruit the best players in each world to want to remain in there group or clan. What ever you kids call It these days.

It is nice to see you.. Will your alliance be here on this server?


You look for actives? I only take actives other wise I get bored.
You need to be a lot more than active to fly our banner. If you are thinking about joining I have some questions I will need you to answer for me.. Before I get to the Rules and Terms of being in the Empire of Death.


Why are you starting late deliberately? Little bit scared of the core?
Not all core starts are bloody though Pella and Theta (US) certainly were. Rim Alliances win a lot of the time but if you are a good player why take the easy road...