EE has intentionally stalemated PHI abusing VM as an exploit

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The wonders are hard enough (bad enough to some) that the sheer effort discourages many... and has driven off some from Grepolis. Now we are witness to the mockery of an alliance (who has lost any hope of winning a crown) resorting to stalemating the last wonder to prevent proper resolution of the world crown.

EE has collected 19 of the 20 cities under their founder ManofWar who promptly went VM... not a normal VM mind you... but a protracted VM where his account will respawn vacation days while he is in the first 42 days. The 20th city is also in VM - we don't know the circumstances of this city or account.

Make no mistake... this was done intentionally by EE in hopes the world will drop below 300 active players and waste the efforts of KoD to secure a crown. We know this because their founder told us via game mail

Valgarth919 on 2014-09-15 at 12:12
Hope you guys plan on staying around for another 70 days. ManOWar vm renews in 28 days on oct 12 which will give him 42 more days. hahaha why don't you guys just give up now. there no way you guys can get all 7 wonders. Better luck next world

An exploit in this context is defined as a valid move or trick that is counter to the spirit and design of a fair game.
In my opinion, this is an exploit of the VM rule.
Surely INNO did not intend for one or two players to make it impossible to resolve a world crown???

I would ask the game mod - to give EE a reasonable period of time - say two weeks - then boot ManoWar out of VM if he refuses to leave VM.

if this is too politically sensitive - then i would at least offer assurance that INNO will not close this world until KoD has a chance to complete its crown.

It is a practical matter. Once everyone knows this trick (and I guarantee that they will shortly), then every competitive world is easily stalemated using this exploit. Any rim alliance can pack a rim wonder and set up a 108 day VM at the end of the world. Players wont start new worlds knowing the world can be so easily stalemated. I know I wont. I know none of my squad will... I could poll several worlds if you don't believe me.

But that is a separate issue - this thread is about PHI and the future PHI only.


I too find this practice troubling. As a player the world was going very well. We had good battles, crazy diplomacy, etc. It made for a fun world.

However this practice of trying to kill the world through vacation mode has jaded good game play. Obviously EE stepped on to many toes and got backed into a corner. Instead of fighting through it they have taken position to hurt the games true intent. I surprisingly enjoyed the WW stage. Turned the game on its head. Now we are stuck fighting an enemy who skirts the rules to try and claim a tainted victory.


What it came down to was Evil Eyes followed the practice of pacting with Raiders, then planting a spy to keep tabs on them and let them know what Wonders we were working on. That allowed EE to get the fourth wonder, even though they were behind Raiders on every one of the four Wonders Raiders were going for. Then, when it appeared Raiders was going to keep right on playing, while still honoring their pact, the EE spy, who'd maneuvered cities on three of Raiders wonder islands jumped ship and went into VM, declaring his expectation that now EE would cruise into the crown and weren't we all so stupid. Which we were. We believe kkmonte to be our mate and treated him as such.

Fast forward: Raiders chose to keep on playing, relieving EE of two of their wonders, KoD also chose to keep on playing relieving EE of a few more. So now EE is down to 1 wonder held mostly by one of their leaders who has been in VM and timed running into VM so when his membership clicks over on Oct 12, he'll be able to sit there for another 42 days. Is EE doing this because they think they can ultimately win the crown? No. They know they can't win the crown. Many of their members have gone inactive and/or ghosted. They've lost multiple cities on their wonder islands and the respect of a lot of really good players. They aren't going to win. They are doing this because they were outfoxed by fair game play on the part of the alliances they wronged and now their plan is to prevent the world from concluding by delaying through interminable VM and hoping to drop the number of active players to a low enough level that InnoGames will begin procedures for closing the world. Anybody with a five-year-old will recognize this kind of behavior.

I hope InnoGames will do the right thing and not allow EE to spoil the game for so many others who have been playing and enjoying this game and have gained their wonders the right way - by fighting for them.


If Inno does not act, they will lose a large lot of solid vets who drop a lot of dimes on their game… Me for one… Candy Crush is looking more and more appealing every day… This exploit of the rules should open their eyes… Letting this, in my opinion, cheating occur, makes Inno look quite bad… I'd hate for this exploit trick to leak into every single forum for every world… Come on Inno… Fix this problem, and fix it fast...


This has been done before by alliances and will most likely happen again. However, this is nothing more than a last ditch attempt to force a world to close that is already close to being completed. EE has backstabbed and double crossed their way to this point in the game and are now trying hide long enough so that their 4 Wonder 'Win' is the only victory.


Thank you for your feedback guys, it has been received both on the forums and the many tickets your alliance has sent in, we will make sure the right people see it.

I'll close the thread now since I feel it has served it's purpose.

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