Newspaper Edessa Chronicles Issue Ten

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By Scipio Africanus I

In This Issue:
  • Quick Update
  • WEEKLY War Stats
  • Tavern
  • Wheel of Fortune

Quick Update-The Complicated Situation

In this issue, I would like to focus on the core oceans which are:

So recently, there’s been a complicated situation in this world. So Usual Suspects is currently targeting DARKNESS REBORN and initially Usual Suspects had the lead. However, Darkness Reborn has taken some cities from US in return.

The score:
According to a DARKNESS REBORNplayer:
They want to brag about taking our inactive noobs! lol clowshoe.. go ahead, but once we take ur active cities then please repost ur feeling!

Now below will be a map Usual Suspects and DARKNESS REBORN:

Red=Usual Suspects

While this war is going on another war is happening at the same time. Agent Orange, serial killers, and Parthian Shot have all taken cities from Usual Suspects.
WAR STATSAgent Orange vs Usual Suspects

WAR STATSserial killers vs Usual Suspects

WAR STATSParthian Shot vs Usual Suspects[

Now a map of these 4 alliances will be shown below:

Red=Usual Suspects
Yellow=Parthian Shot
Blue=Agent Orange
Pink=Serial Killers


What are your thoughts on the world?
Dipstick420 said:
So far its been pretty slow, not much action being on the outskirts.. Im looking foward to seeing how it plays out tho!
Did your alliance come from another world?
Dipstick420 said:
There is a few of us that play in another world together. I also saw that there was more people I know from other servers here as well, so this seemed like a good place to go.
According to a stat site, your alliance has lost quite a few cities to Usual Suspect. Why is that?
Dipstick420 said:
Yah it is sad. But it is what it is and shouldn't be happening any more. They took some inactives but we are now more prepared and working as a team and we have slots to fill
Is your alliance planning to fight back?
Dipstick420 said:
Of coarse we are!

Bytor106 from the alliance DARKNESS REBORN has conquered the city A344 belonging to santajr2. today at 16:58

kprince490 from the alliance DARKNESS REBORN has conquered the city Welcome to Hell belonging to Ashadow7gatesX. today at 13:46
Is your alliance the only alliance fighting Usual Suspect?
Dipstick420 said:
No I think they are getting beat up by everyone
Who came up with your alliance name and is there any meaning to it?
Dipstick420 said:
kprince490 came up with the alliance name, not sure his exact meaning behind it.
Any last words before we end the interview?
Dipstick420 said:
ust looking foward to growing and enjoying the server. Keep up the papers, they are always a good read!

The Flying Badgers

What are your thoughts on the world so far?
kell53 said:
Its early, but looks like its shaping up to be a fun ride. It will be interesting to see how long the early large Alliances can hold it together.
Has your alliance declared war on anyone yet? If so what is the score?
kell53 said:
Not a formal war. More like free permission to take cities from specific areas while avoiding others for the time.
serial killers have taken a few of your cities. Do you think they are targeting your alliance?
kell53 said:
Likely, though not in a formal war. Probably trying to consolidate a core before making the big move.
What are your goals for this world?
kell53 said:
Well, first and foremost is to have fun. If you aren't having fun doing something, its time to do something else.
Obviously the next thing is to win. No one stats a game or hobby hoping to come in last place. No one takes a job hoping to still be in the mailroom in 20 years.
Of course some people take this game way to seriously, like its the sum total of their self worth. I tend to walk away from those players...they are no fun to play with or against.
Any last words before we end the newspaper?
kell53 said:
Its a young world with a long time before the endgame. Patience and aggression, at the right times, will determine the winner. I hope it's whatever Alliance I am in, but good luck to all.

Gold Offers of the Issue!

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Welcome to another Tavern! It is up to you to decide which are rumors and which are facts
  • Victorious Secret's assault against ReBooted is relentless. They ve conquered 19 cities and lost 0.
  • The most popular player last week was BLee765 with 6 hits.
  • Sith Battle Toads has conquered 10 cities from ReBooted and lost 0.
  • The most active alliance is serial killerz with 100% active players in the last 24 hours.
  • Agent Orange have struck a sound blow against Usual Suspects. They ve conquered 13 cities and lost 0.
  • Unusual Suspects are not holding very well against Parthian Shot. They ve lost 13 cities and taken 0.

Wheel of Fortune
Last Issue’s Winner: TBD

Welcome to the 9th Wheel of Fortune.
Pick a number between 0-50
See you next week.

I hope you enjoyed this issue. If you want to +rep me, go ahead! If you want to enter the Wheel of Fortune, I highly recommend it! If you have any suggestions please post below. See you all in the next issue!


Haha just realized the tavern section here is from the website oracle of zancle. Great place to get info mate :)!