Newspaper Edessa Chronicles Issue One

By Scipio Africanus I
In This Issue:
  • Introducing the Reporter
  • News Update/Ocean Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Wars
  • Obituary
  • Comic Section
  • Tavern Rumours
Welcome to the first issue of the Edessa Chronicles, the monthly newspaper for this world. My name is Scipio Africanus I and I'm just a high schooler who loves writing newspapers for Grepolis worlds.
News Update
On October 29,2015, 2 days before Halloween, US Grepolis decided to open a new world called Edessa
The settings for this world:
Speed - 3;
Unit Speed - 2;
Alliance Limit - 75;
Beginners Protection - 5 days;
Morale; Enabled

Since the world began, players began flocking to the world, competing each other to be the winner. So far there are roughly 6,000 players in the world and is expected to have more players.

So here is the alliance break down for Week 1

Parthian Shot
  • Currently the top alliance in the world.
  • Mostly Located in the 54 and 55 Area
  • Many of the players have 2-3 cities
  • Is in first place in ABP

Legion of Chaos
  • Currently the second place alliance
  • Only has1 player with 2 cities
  • 3rd in ABP; still impressive
  • Mostly in 54

Shoot and Scoot
  • 3rd Place in the World
  • None of the players have their second cities
  • Mainly in 45
  • 5th in ABP

  • 4th Place in the World
  • None of the players have their 4th city.
  • Mainly located in 44
  • 4th in ABP

Empire of Death
  • 5th Place in the World
  • No players have 2nd cities
  • Mainly located in 44
  • 2nd place in ABP(That's really good at the moment!)

Usual Suspects
  • 6th Place in the World
  • No Players have 2nd cities yet.
  • Mostly Located in 44
  • 6th in ABP

Punk in Drublic
  • 7th Place in the World
  • No players have 2nd cities yet
  • Mostly in 55, with some cities scattered in other oceans
  • 8th in ABP

Sith Battle Toads
  • 8th in the world
  • 1 player has 2 cities
  • All cities located in 45
  • 10th in ABP

The Demigods
  • 9th in the World
  • No players have 2nd cities
  • Scattered in O44, 54, and 55
  • 7th in ABP

  • 10th in the World
  • No players have 2nd cities
  • Mostly in 55
  • 13th in ABP

Immortal Assassins
  • 11th in the World
  • No players have 2nd cities
  • Mostly in 45 but a few scattered in 54
  • 9th in ABP

the Bosses Group
  • 12th in the World
  • No players have 2nd cities
  • Mostly in O54
  • 12th in ABP

Ocean Analysis


Let's get into O44. Currently, the top 5 alliances are:

RankingNamePointsCitiesAverage Points
1Usual Suspects80,000441835
2Empire of Death77,000342250
3The Debt Collectors38,000301200
4Parthian Shot37,000123,100
5GREB'S GRIZZLIES31,500161980

Opinion Currently, Usual Suspects is in the lead quickly followed by Empire of Death. In my opinion, these two alliances will most likely go to war with each other, with Empire of Death coming out on top. Other alliances may be food/pacts with those two alliances. But that's just my prediction.

1Shoot and Scoot97,000511890
2Sith Battle Toads70,000351995
3Scoot and Shoot40,000261540
4Immortal Assassins39,000221775
Opinion: I think that Shoot and Scoot has a good chance to dominate this ocean. Who knows, its pretty early right now. Sith Battle Tods will be a difficult opponent though.
1Legion of Chaos112,500512,200
2the Bosses Group50,000321550
3Parthian Shot47,000104717
4Agent Orange33,500241400
5Mephistos Cafe30,000161,830
OpinionLegion of Chaos clearly is dominating this ocean. They also got good players in that roster. And I see Parthian Shot sneaking in there. I think those two alliances will declare war on each other later In the game.

1Parthian Shot144,000552631
4Punk in Drublic49,500261920
5The Demigods32,000191,700

Opinion: This is an interesting ocean. I can't say anything on this ocean.[/spr]
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Empire of Death

What are your thoughts on the world so far?
hopelost said:
It is just getting started, but I have a great team to play with, none of the drama that ruins the game
Do you think the Halloween Event would affect the world?
hopelost said:
Yes people will have more troops out of beginners protection, maybe harder to take cities
What other worlds have you played and how did they go?
hopelost said:
Actium and Troy were epic fail, I lost my main city and lost interest in the game ~3 months when I couldn't position my cities to fight well. I did well in calydon top 5 rank, but slow worlds depend on team work and coordination to have fun I only had one player fighting with me and I have been an advocate that two people cannot simply take on a whole alliance, unless you're oustapodore, in en 82 taras me and him we fight everybody, and eventually fought with envenom to a stalemate at wonders with 6/7 complete I lose us 25 and us 26 I won 35 and 41
What alliances will be a threat?
hopelost said:
Define threat? I don't know who will give me the most battle pointsIt looks like competition in ocean from partian shot
Who came up with the alliance name?
hopelost said:
I think deboy1
To end the interview, which ship do you prefer building, light ships or trireme? Why?
hopelost said:
None of the above, biremes, I am defensive player with superb snipe with biremes

Parthian Shot

What are your thoughts on the world so far?
[quote-Swamp-Fox]I think that it's a small world with a lot of talent. I see a bunch of good experienced players in many different alliances. Should certainly be a battle packed world, especially since everyone so close together due to the small world size.[/quote]
Do you think the Halloween Event would affect the world?
Swamp-Fox said:
Of course it will. People will have a lot more troops coming out of bp than normal, making the world a huge kill zone. Also it gives boosts to your cities making the growth faster.
What worlds have you played and how did they go?
Swamp-Fox said:
I've played too many worlds haha. Not all of them went that great. Most recent success was playing in Juktas where I founded Radioactive, which ended up winning the world. I couldn't stay through the finish though sadly due to real life things going on at the time.
Have you played with your current members in previous worlds or did you recruit them here in Edessa?
Swamp-Fox said:
I've played with a lot of our members in previous worlds since we started out as a premade. A good group from juktas is here as well. Most of our members are friends or friends of friends. We've also had a couple recruits from Edessa however.
How did they find out about your alliance?
Swamp-Fox said:
People in the premade found out by me messaging if they wanted to join me for a revolt world premade on skype. And then they could have told their friends. I also had a thread on the external forums for my premade where people could contact me on skype asking to join. People in this world must have found out by looking at the leaderboard lol.
To end the interview, which ship would you build more, a Trireme or a Light Ship? And why?
Swamp-Fox said:
I only build fireships.

Cheater of Life
Shoot and Scoot

What are your thoughts on the world so far?
Cheater of Life said:
It is growing very slowly. Because of this a lot of the top alliances are very close to each other. There is even a 9 man alliance in the top 20, shows how many players there are in this world.
Do you think the Halloween Event will affect the world?
Cheater of Life said:
Definitely will. Really no need to use resources on troops right now. Just collect ingredients, make some spells, and build up your farm so you can benefit from the rewards. Most events affect the world this way but this one just seems so much easier.
What alliance do you think will be a threat?
Cheater of Life said:
It is really hard to tell since we are still in beginner's protection. I see some good players in Parthian Shot andEmpire of Death, they are probably two of the better alliances in the world.
What are your goals for this world?
Cheater of Life said:
To have a good time fighting alongside my team. Accolades really mean nothing unless you enjoyed all the hard work that it took to get them.
Who came up with the alliance name?
Cheater of Life said:
To end the interview, which ship would you prefer building, a trireme or a Light Ship? and Why?
Cheater of Life said:
Light Ships for sure. Triremes really have no point in a revolt world as they aren't better offensively than LS or better defensively than biremes.

Legion of Chaos

What are your thoughts on the world so far?
STIHL said:
This is a Fun world so far im very excited to see what the future holds.
1. I am very happy with my team so far we have a good active group and we have a solid core. Some good experienced players and we are not spread thin at all so im excited.

2. Looks like there are a couple other good alliances in EoD and PS.

3. Scoot and shoot already have an academy......that says it all
Do you think the Halloween event will affect the world?
STIHL said:
For sure. It is gonna make the end of bp fun. Everybody has been stocking up on troops from the event and i think it should add a little more excitement, not necessarily a bad thing.
Have you declared war on anyone yet?
STIHL said:
Nope, we will see how it plays out after bp. We will try to clear and claim ocean 54
Who made the alliance name? and if possible, why that name?
STIHL said:
Um I just kinda came up with it on my own a couple years ago on the en server when I founded my first alliance. We stayed number 1 for 2 years there before I quit due to personal reasons
What alliances do you think are threats?
STIHL said:
No comment lol gonna wait for bp to end on that one
To end the interview, would you prefer building Triremes or Light Ships? Why?
STIHL said:
For me LS in the tutorial it is a task and i like to specialize cities and get the most bang for my buck and focus on rapidly producing LS instead of tiremes

Currently None at The Moment



  • ExLr1
  • dkeork
  • vantorias
  • potcrates
Comic Section

Tavern Rumors: Are They Real?
This is Tavern Rumours, gossip travels at the speed of light. Some Rumours are real, some are fake. It is up to you to decide.

I heard Shoot and Scoot is pact with Abusement Park and ReBooted
Today at 0:08 Charl
Dear Fellow Parthian Shotters,
BP is ending in a few ours and the leadership has decided that HAMMERDOWN, ReBooted and Punk in Drublic should be our first priority. Please see the General Tab to see the survey and discuss why you chose that.

Charl, Check-Mate, and Texan12
Yesterday at 12:01 Malec
hai guys.
We have shared tab with Abusement Park and we share reservation with them. Say hi to them in the shared tab.
I have completed making our alliance forum. Here is what the forums stand for.
R-It is our General Stuff. All the MMs, announcements, etc,etc will go here.
E-Our Ops tab. Right now, it is not in use so leadership is planning to hide it. But when we do use it, this tab will be visible and will take top priority.
B-This is our Northern Defense tab. Any alliance attacking from above will be posted in this tab.
O-This is the alliance Leadership tab. Only leadership can see it.
O-Our shared tab with Shoot and Scoot. We are planning on OP on Sith Battle Toads so build as much as you can before BP Ends.
T-This is the Tavern. This is an off topic tab. Do whatever you want but no inappropriateness please
Keep Building!
lol, Stoogie, HAMMERDOWN is planning Spy OP on Parthian Shot Tmrw. LOL
I hope you enjoy this issue. I took a ton of time into it and I hope you like it. +rep if you want to. I'll see you in a few weeks, I promise
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one quick fix. in the ocean break down you said it was ocean 54 when you meant 44. Also TAP isnt an alliance in this world, and why would swamp confuse ours and hours *facepalm*?


Great job, hope you keep it up.
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Very enjoyable read, thanks for putting this together Scipio!


great work! I love that you put the time and effort into something like this. You and others that perpetuate the activity of the forum really help the regrowth of the US servers, bravo.