Easter Peace Time

Easter Peace Time

  • Yes, I want Easter Peace Time

    Votes: 40 63.5%
  • No, I do not want Easter Peace Time

    Votes: 23 36.5%

  • Total voters


Dear Community,

Normally we restrict peace time to Thanks Giving, Christmas, and New Years. This year we wanted to give you the option of peace time during Easter. Please take a moment to vote on whether you want to have peace this Easter!


Your Grepolis Team


On this thread. You were so fast I hadn't finished typing the options for the poll yet ;)
Nah, this game is all about being on 24/7. Thats half the fun of the challenge! No breaks or downtime, you'll just have to use VM thisisgrepolis


Easter is for children who are not afraid of the idea of an oversized bunny leaving a trail of eggs to lure kids into its death trap. Vote no, save the children.
Grepolis and Peace do not co-exist. We are not playing Sim City here guys. Peace should not even be an option for a war game, you want peace, hit VM. That's what its for


I voted against this peace time idea.

Next time instead of doing this, give every player 2 more VM days that have to be used on a set date (just set it to whatever date you had planned for that break, so as to avoid any abuse of these VM days). That way, everyone can do as he wishes - Players who want to fight can do so, while the others who want to spend time away from the game use the VM days they have been given.


I was really bummed that there was no St. Patrick's Day peace time yesterday.... :s>_<


so, it appears we are doing this but there are no details about when it starts, end or when we can send CS. Hello Inno. what's the haps?