Dying world: -_-


I agree with cb, lol, & what world doesn't keep losing players? I started before wonders were introduced into the game, & the worlds lasted longer. That's one of the things I like about Hyper, plus you can keep growing even when RL gets busy.

I'd love to see them open a new Hyper at speed 2. Probably some players that would like to join don't because of the age of the world, but would if they could start fresh & not be surrounded by big players. There are also many of us that prefer a faster speed.


Sure doesn't seem to be a lot of Hyper players involved at all in the forums


Well in all fairness, it's been 4 and a quarter years since the world opened...


There could plenty of talk going on, if we got the players to join this forum. Trash talk between the massive coalitions would be funnier than the lack of action of the world :)

I'm too new to this world to know much about it, but others could engage in debates about who's the best.