domination alliance morale


I like the concept of the domination worlds, but it seems that the new worlds over the last 6 months have been over before they began. I could be wrong but has any alliance lost a "last stand" since dom began? Seems like a month into the world, one alliance already has 50%points (which is just an estimate not actual city control) for whatever reason (premade, gold, positioning, recruiting, etc).

Not 100% sure how to suggest it, but the top 2-3 alliances should be fighting each other and not just looking for "food" on the rim. This would give smaller alliances a chance to grow and keep mid size alliances from crumbling right out of bp.

This would replace (or enhance depending on how you look at it) individual morale. You could have 10 cities, but you are the biggest player in your alliance, you would still have the benefit of morale if your alliance is relatively small. Could prevent rage quits, ghosting, and mass exodus's when new worlds start

wait, just had a crazy idea-reverse morale-bigger you are the weaker your defense is.

back to the original thought. Pacts not included-would encourage more sister v sister fighting and main vs main.
Almost like the 20% rule in casual worlds, but it isn't "can't attack" but "discouraged" and calculated by alliance not individuals

Not to say that one alliance wont start with 50% out the gate again in the next dom world, but it may keep more people hanging around to challenge them.

Just a thought