do you dislike the Gremlin Alliance?


First Off

if so and you dont want to be directly involved in fighting them. Any support or resources would be greatly appreciated for all four members of my start up alliance Monster Mash.

Truth is they are a weak alliance that is utilizing their large numbers on one island to bully others on the same island.

some would call that a good tactic... i view it as a character flaw. "spend gold to get ahead then make the new players miserable so they never play again". it is akin to Spawn Camping...

so if you are against Spawn Camping or just don't like to feed Gremlins. please send what support you can spare. if not to save our cities, then to weaken them for you to conquer...

thank you for your time.


We tried to recruit you, but you made wrong decision by not accepting. and yes we take cities in our area to become stronger. this is a war game. we don't spawn camp, that is so silly to even say. What are we playing Call Of Duty. lol. How do you spawn camp when you land in an ocean. we work as a team and are good at it. you need to build smarter and not cry. good luck in future.

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why did you even post? conversation has been done for about a week...and it is spawn camping when you take someone as soon as they come out of protection and you're a higher point city, but that's just my opinion so whatever say what you want...and by the way, why are you guys playing musical chairs with your alliance cities?? feeding each other BP?


Some alliances (smart ones for example) will conquer a city for an alliance member and give it to someone too small at the time to take it for themself. Sort of like in Jurassic Park 2 when the big T-rex fed the baby T-rex.

And attacking someone before they build up is called smart game play.


Sounds good to me :)

Edit: besides the fact that we have an NAP :) and are oceans away :p


Yeah just noticed, maybe i wasn't talking about attacking you, maybe i was talking about teaming up and attacking someone else!:D


Oh yes! Like those good-looking AweShock guys who love BP!

No! My alliance would never want to get mixed up with them. In fact we don't want to expand to the west. We are happy where we are.