[Discussion] Endgame


Player's Council
This is a general discussion about Endgame, not limited to World Wonders or Domination. Feel free to post any endgame related ideas and feedback that you think could be useful in the future or entertaining for the forum lurkers!

You can read more about the new Domination endgame here.

A few questions for guidance:

What are your expectations of Domination? Do you like it more or less than World Wonders?

The last changes of World Wonders blocked more exploits but put bigger pressure on players. Do you think these changes are rather positive long term or are the drawbacks stronger by now? What are the current challenges / difficulties about World Wonders that you experience?

Do you stay / what would encourage you to stay until the end of a world?


I'm not big on the domination end game. I expect an alliance will sim up toward the edge of valid domination area, and focus on solely defense and city festivals to grow to be 'dominate'. And/or there will be a shuffle across the top players just before domination starts to form a super alliance that dominates for the few weeks to close out the world. Excluding cities on rocks isn't really domination. And only needing to hold it for a couple weeks isn't really domination either. Hopefully I'm wrong, and it will make the end game more exciting, but I'm not holding my breath.

The last changes to WW helped, and there were some additional changes suggested in the discussion on Morale a few weeks ago that will help. Bottom line, if you're on a wonder island, you need to expect to defend your city fully with no breaks for the duration of the end game. If you can't commit to that, swap cities with another player in your alliance that can meet the expectations.

It's probably too late to change the domination end game much. A better end game (not fully thought out, just throwing ideas) would be to have an additional city show upon a small number of islands per ocean (to prevent the prepositioning that occurs now). An alliance would still need to control the entire island to get the wonder (dominating an ocean would improve your likelihood of .controlling some/all of the wonder islands up front. Each wonder has 10 rings of defense that need to be broken with siege time between. So. instead of sending resources, you send troops to the cities on the island which then attack with them. There would be no stockpiling of offensive units, beyond what the cities could hold (defensive units could be positioned as usual). You would need to attack a ring of defense, and once you break it, there would be a pause, shortened with favor as it currently is. Each wonder city would be for an assigned wonder, so you would need to strategically pick with ones you want to go after (dominating an ocean or 2 would give you better options).

But I guess we'll be giving domination a try for a while to see how good/bad it really is.


I'm in the final 8 days of US74 Mochlos Domination Endgame and I've never been so bored in all my life! We came into the world late
and it was exactly like MarkASp said it would be. And with 14 days left on the World clock and no chance at having some last minute
fun till the world ends, it's like having a root canal done without any Novacaine, it's just painful.

With World Wonders, and the game now favoring the golden children, it was still better than this mess called Domination! Lose it, or
you'll probably see the mass exodus of the long time Grepo addicts.


Sleeping through the end of Mochlos as well. Lots of thoughts on domination.

- More anchor points need to be opened on farm islands, especially early in a world. At least 1 extra anchor for each starting anchor. 2 reasons: allow better expansion through out the game; and provide spots for expansion other than eating new players.
- Limit the maximum distance that colonizable rocks can be from colonizable farm islands. We had several alliances that colonized remote rocks as bir farms. They were too far away to be reasonable attackable. It was a good strategy, but not really in the spirit of domination.
- Count rocks for domination. You aren't really dominating an ocean if you ignore most of the rocks. And if they aren't counted, it's hard to justify the resources to build and support them.
- vm during last stand skewed the ultimate standings. Most of 1 alliance hit VM shortly before the end game started. While this locked in their standing, it also prevented other alliances from jockeying for position.
- The 2 week 'cool down' after last stand finished and the winner is determined is useless. With nothing attackable, there really isn't a reason to continue the world.


Domination favors Gold purchase to the point where it does not make any sense to play at all. Golders win. Period, end of story. Do Not Play Domination world unless you plan to spend a LOT of your hard earned money for absolutely nothing.


That's every world brother. It just happens that the strong players and golders like domination because it's fast and they are more inclined to spend gold for a faster endgame and potential swords if they win. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen