DEFAULT recruitment requests


I have never seen them before, at first they were cute but now I can get over 5 a day I am afraid I have stopped responding to them.

I don't know if other leaders are getting bombarded with them - but I wanted to raise this so any new player to the game is not disheartened and can understand how it is received.

The message

Hi, my name is XXXXXX. I found your alliance using the alliance finder and I would like to join you. I look forward to receiving an invitation.

Best regards, XXXXXX

It is polite, but what does it tell a recruiter about the applicant = zero

If a player wants to join and wants to give it their all you could consider them - but this shows minimal effort.

As a leader I want to know how experienced you are, how active you are, whether you would be fun to have around the alliance - I have mainly played on the EN servers where some guys can't speak english - they have used Google translate - I have even searched for players with the same nationality to speak (i have even got the messages translated in a different world and ask for a response of mine to be written out in that language - then pasted it back over to the player.... they made an effort so I made an effort.

These default requests will only work on MRAs (Mass Recruitment Alliances) that don't really care who they bring in - if you want to get into a decent alliance then I would advise you to write a decent personal message to the person listed as the recruiter on the alliance page (or at least the diplomat)

The Raiders have a few players for whom this is their first world, we did in our last world and the one before that (where we ran with different names and groups - it is not a problem - we can answer questions and those players have done very well - we all started somewhere and I love to repay the guidance I received (paul50 and others) to new players.

My best tip at the moment is to ditch using this - write as decent a message as you can and in doing so make a better first impression.


Oh man, got those all the time in Juktas. For me, it was an automatic no. If you had some bot send your message for you, you obviously aren't going to be much help to my alliance.

If I can tell that the message was well-written personally, BY YOU, I am more than happy to give you a chance, even if you never played before. I mean, we all started somewhere.