Dark Angels


We are a group of experiences players trying to make a name for ourselves in this new world. We are a close group and if you want to be apart of that then awesome send one of us a message and we will get you started in an awesome alliance. We have it in the works were we will not only be in this world but will be in other worlds as well we are mostly in Oc45 in Delos so if you want our support id try and start there. And don't worry about the inappropriate behavior we are all grown ups if some one is acting inappropriate just let me know and ill try and fix the problem. Like I said in the beginning we are all for the majority very experienced players I have been playing for about four years now. I wouldn't say I know everything by a long stretch but I do know quite a bit. If you want in just shoot me a message and ill try to get you in our area. We take care of our own ill send some recourses to help you get a foot hold in the world as well as most of the others in our alliance.

Grepo Experienced (not ur 1st world)
Active Daily!!!



We are Not looking for any Pacts