Conquest Support Units Missing US100


In US100 (desktop, not mobile), I just conquered a city (now named jed13 8) and now many of the units supporting that conquest can no longer be seen, even though they are still being shown as existing in the source cities' barracks and harbor screens. In particular, it was only those cities that contributed both navy and DLU to the conquest (specifically cities jed13 and jed13 2) where the problem exists. I can still see and manipulate the biremes supplied by cities jed13 3 and jed13 4 (no DLU were supplied by those cities).

I've cleared the cache, reset the program several times by refreshing the browser, using CTRL-SHIFT-R, SHIFT-F5, and tried the program on different computers using different browsers (one a mac using safari and chrome and the other a windows 10 pc using chrome), to no avail.

EDIT: So the units are now showing as having been returned to the supporting cities. Very bizarre.
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