Conquest needs update about "Detecting the conquer attack"


The Conquest wiki-page needs update in the section called:
Detecting the conquer attack
You will know that a conquer attack is coming by one of a few methods:
You note that the attack is taking far longer then most
When you click on the attack, there is a picture of a C-Ship, not a regular boat
There are multiple waves of support surrounding one attack.
I.e. You see that there are loads of attacks arriving from your enemy, however they have also sent support. The last attack before the support arrives will probably (unless they have messed up their timings!) be the Colony Ship.

On the Lambda world on server the picture of the Colony-Ship does Not appear.
Please Remove this Line: "When you click on the attack, there is a picture of a C-Ship, not a regular boat"

Just in-case it matters... they attacked with: Transport ships, Biremes, Light ships, Colony Ship, Hoplites
Also, the colony ship wave used the same picture as the 2 other attacking waves.
But the Support wave did use a different picture entirely.
No I didn't take screenshot, but in hindsight maybe I should've...


Would it be at all possible to get a screenshot of this for the wiki moderator please? I will attempt to replicate it on .en sestos, however that could be a few days yet due to me having not yet finished my other project there.


I think that was written a while ago.
It is true once wisdom has been cast, of course.

I will take it out in a bit though.