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Hello everyone,

I'm making this post to discuss ways to increase Grepolis player participation in the US forum. I'm relatively new here, so please bear with me if some of my statements are off the mark.

So, I was recently invited to the Grepolis Fantasy Draft League Discord chat ( here - ), where I've been introduced to a great bunch of new and old players across multiple worlds. The Creators have come up with a new way to breath some life into the US servers and have worked hard to gather people that share the same sentiment. Still, compared to the overall player count, it's just a small portion of what I expected to see from people that play on this server. Are the players that aren't on discord and haven't registered to this forum to vote aware? not interested? flat out don't agree with this direction?... I know 100% participation is unrealistic. But I'm still curious to know where these people are and their thoughts about not only this but other parts of Grepolis gameplay and the community.

To go a little deeper. I've been away from Grepolis for 6 years. After dropping into my first world back, Nysa, I came here to check out what was going on.

Yes... Not the first thing you want to see when checking into a world. Especially for new players. One thread saying how bad it is and another that was 2 months old at the time. I wanted to play though, so I stuck around. I'm thankful I did too. I found a great team and made great friends while fighting against BoB... But writing this now, I wonder how many brand-new players would have stayed through to the end of that world? How many good/winning teams recruit and teach new players? To learn the langue, to learn the mechanics of battle, the politics of a world. It takes times. Even more so if you find yourself under the wrong banner or a little too left of the border. It's why I believe our community is the most important in relation to our experience here in Grepolis. 1 week in or 10 years, being able to work with or learn from understanding players is how we survive and grow.

Before this, I even laughed at the idea of casual worlds, but now I see how they can play a great role in keeping future generation afloat. And also why, to me, the Grepolis fantasy draft is the next level or the other side of the same coin for more experienced players.

I honestly haven't put too much thought into a solution to increase forum participation yet. Maybe a MM to all players in the most recent worlds will work? What just came to mind, is a forum profile being created in tandem with a new Grepolis registration. That way, on sign up you have direct access to the most up to date information about everything you need to know. Not sure if that's been done or suggested before. Any thoughts?

More conversations, complaints, and ideas happen on discord and skype than here where it can be viewed and recognized officially.

Thanks for reading,


I think the problem is the cliques of players who refuse to play with anyone else. I will use BoB as an example, I can't blame them for now wanting to play with newer people because they want to win. But if you put basically half of the best active players in one alliance that repeatedly run worlds then a new player will see that and think wow this game really sucks. We don't really get new players anymore imo which is a problem in itself but I think any new player that comes in will leave as soon as they understand what is really happening. To sum it up, I think the mentality of discluding new/worse players is a problem because they can be taught how to play and can turn out into good players but it is so hard right now to bring in any attraction to the game
I feel like you need a larger world in order to help new players.

This is EN Gamma, the third world in Grepolis.
As you can tell, it was pretty huge. There were countless good alliances and plenty of opportunities to help newer players.

This is Sinope. The newest US world.

I think we need more worlds like Gamma. But sad fact is that Inno doesn't care and the game is slowly dying.


The problem is of course gold. Worlds come to quickly. Why? I think it is because the majority of the gold is spent faster in the beginning of a new world, hence more new worlds mean faster amounts of gold coming in for grepo. Logically we should have 2 conquest and 2 Revolt worlds start every 6 months. One slow and one fast for each. Domination should be eliminated and WW should be returned. Alliances should be 100 each and every time. And gold sales as we had today should be more often, after all it cost them nothing to sell gold.