Christmas Came Early

Load up my sleigh and harness the griffons, we have to deliver some CSes to all the good children.

The Smilodon Fatalis/The Kitten Fatalis

What I'm Looking For
Similar to Olous, I'm looking for some people who are aggressive and team players. They must understand the purpose and goals of this team. As always, be ready to come out swinging.

Build Speed: 2
Unit Speed: 1-2
Morale: Yes (Read the aim)
Alliance Cap: 80+

The Aim
The purpose here isn't to be an exclusive elites only team, in fact, its open to just about anyone. Its meant to give newer/underrated players an opportunity to shine. Hence why I'm not trying to roll into a 3/3...or a 6/6. I've noticed this trend over the past couple of years where these stacked teams land on almost every world and the newer players suffer by not getting a chance. This is meant for newer players to get a chance to learn from experienced players and leaders. When I last did this, we turned a group of mostly newer players into one of the toughest teams of the world and went toe to toe with the best of that world. Many on that team also ended up with the win and crown. I'd like to repeat that level of success or even expand on it.

Having said that this is meant to help newer players and that its a fairly open premade, I do need to point out that this party won't last for you if you're not highly active, not a team player, generally annoying, a simmer, not using the app, or using walls. Don't get confused, we're still trying to compete with good teams on the world, and we just can't compete if we allow that.

Leadership Experience
I've been leading since 2010 and have been mostly successful in doing so. In my early days, I often started by myself and built teams from those around me. I had large amounts of success by doing this. But later on I switched over to mostly premades. I've done this a couple of times before. Having done it on the US servers in 2014 and on En Olous this year. For anyone who wants the full resume, here you go.

2010| En Theta | As Athens Burns | Ranked 2nd overall | Founded
2011| En Omicron | As Athens Burns | Ranked 10th overall (Merged into Evolution) | Founded
2011 | En Tau | As Athens Burns | Ranked 12th overall | Founded
2012 | En Ithica | As Athens Burns | Ranked 2nd overall | Founded
2012| En Pella | Band of Misfits | Ranked 2nd overall | Leader
2012 | En Delos | Lacking Diplomacy | Ranked #1 overall | Leader (later co-founder)
2013 | En Paros | Point And Shoot | Ranked 11th Overall | Founder
2013 | En Thebes | Depraved Tendencies | Ranked 1st overall | Council
2013 | En Cythera | Project Misery Business | Ranked 3rd overall | Founder | **Failed**
2014 | US Gythium | War Hammer/ Elysium | Ranked 1st overall | Leader and later Co-Founder
2014 | US Pella |Cadaverific | Ranked 4th overall | Founder
2015 | US Troy | Picnic Bunnies | Ranked 1st overall | Founder | Won World
2016 | US Helorus | Grepolice | Ranked 2nd overall | Founder | Left world
2017 | En Olous | Turtle Time | Ranked all over the damn place | Founder
2017 | En Olous | Quadpartite | Ranked 1st overall | Co-founder| Won World + Crowned

I have omitted some minor ones/ones I can't justify taking much credit for.

Christmas Theme!
For those wondering why I picked a Christmas theme, its because I'm still studying for graduate exams and looking over grad schools. So this won't be happening until around Christmas time or after.

For those looking to apply comment, message me on the forums, or on skype at Srwrestling2011.