Changelog 2.136


Changelog 2.136

Dear Community,

On Wednesday, April 19th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.136. As always there will be a short downtime while the update is applied.


  • After receiving your helpful feedback regarding the island quest rewards, we agreed to make some of the rewards non-stackable. Additionally we adjusted island quest texts to prepare them for interface changes we have planned.
  • Furthermore, a technical change in the way messages get deleted should improve the game performance as deletion requests are now bundled.
  • As a community request we implemented markers for incoming attacks and support in the city drop-down list. Of course we also fixed some bugs.

New Features and Changes

  • Certain effects become non-stackable so they cannot be active at the same time anymore.
    • When you already have an epic version of an effect active, you cannot use regular and rare versions on top of it. Instead, you will get a popup informing you about the more powerful effect already being active.
    • However, you can activate more powerful effects (e.g. epic when rare is already active). The inferiour one may be overwritten.
    • This list should give you a quick overview of the effects for which this method is applied:
      • Accelerated construction < Efficient architects (rare) < Efficient architects (epic)
      • Accelerated recruitment < Reduced recruitment times (rare) < Reduced recruitment times (epic)
      • Improved attack < Improved attack (rare) < Improved attack (epic)
      • Improved defense < Improved defense (rare) < Improved defense (epic)
      • Improved favor production < Increased favor production (rare) < Increased favor production (epic)
      • Improved wood production < Increased resource production (rare) < Increased resource production (epic)
      • Heightened Senses < Divine senses

  • The quest texts of island quests have been adjusted.
    • For the future we plan to integrate island quests into the regular questlog. This is part of the island quest changes.
    • To fit into the smaller questlog layout we had to shorten the quest texts a bit but kept their overall tonality and content.

  • Markers for incoming attack and support movements have been added to the city drop-down list.
    • Following a community request, we decided to give all players a more convenient game experience and now display small symbols next to the town name.
    • This overview is also available in the app version (previously, these icons were only available when you had an active administrator).

  • We changed the way multiple deletions of notifications get handled in the game's backend.
    • Previously: When deleting a high amount of notifications at the same time, all deletions were handled in single requests which was quite a high load for the servers.
    • Now multiple deletions will be handled in one request instead. This technical change should add up to improve the general game performance.

  • Color assignments - We fixed more possible cases of colors not being assigned correctly.
  • Academy - When trying to demolish the academy you could get an error message because of a miscalculation of research points. Now it is again possible to tear down your academy.

We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you might have here.

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team

"After receiving your helpful feedback regarding the island quest rewards, we agreed to make some of the rewards non-stackable"

I'm curious as to who in their right mind would have suggested that tokens be non-stackable? Why would any player want to impede on their own progression or make things less spectacular for themselves?

I was so looking forward to having Divine Senses, Heightened Senses and the community reward 50% battle points stacked in the coming week, and now we can't do that

I don't understand the logic behind this decision, can anyone explain why this was made a thing?? It has taken a large element of fun from the game in my opinion.


Yea why was that decision made? The new bonuses are kinda cool but they last such a short time and in many cases aren't really that good in the first place. It has definitely taken a big part of the fun out of the game!
I liked it better when you could use several bonuses at the same time... i.e: two too three recruitment bonuses, or upgrade bonuses