Change World Wonder end game to battles to conquer world wonders not build them...


The World Wonders end game is in a word "boring". While I appreciate the new initiative to create the new "domination" endgame, it also is kind of random as the world picks random islands for the end game which takes part of "winning the world" out of the players hands.

Grepolis is a fighting game and it should have a fighting task for an end game rather than nagging players to send resources and farm like they never have for 2 or 3 weeks or more at the end. Why not allow alliances to pick a world wonder to not build but conquer from a unique mythical army. You would not need to change much for this cool dynamic either. It could still be 4 of 7 to win.

For instance:
Instead of sending resources then favor blasting for each of the 10 levels to reveal the World Wonder, why not 10 levels of epic mythical armies of beasts that have to be killed to proceed to the next level.

Something like:
Hanging Gardens of Babylon - to capture this world wonder you must defeat the below guardians:
Level 1 - Defeat The Aqrabuamelu or the Scorpion Men
Level 2 - Defeat the enormous one-ton Erymanthian Boar
Level 3 - Defeat ....

The concept would bring fighting into the end game rewarding the best fighters rather than just those that farm and send like a mindless wonder. Perhaps each army is able to recover, heal at a certain pace so it would take several days and a concentrated effort to fully defeat each mythical army and it's leader.

I think you get the point. Essentially it is silly to spend 85% of the world fighting then spend the last 15% of the world basically farming and sending resources to a wonder in a boring / tiring / uninteresting end game. Fighting and coordinated attacks should be a part of the end game.