Change my Mind

So I can only speak to my experiences in EN conquest since I mainly play there. But my last two Booty Warrior worlds have involved us matching up against teams using heavy gold use. In both instances we came out on top against the heaviest gold users.

Gold doesn’t make a team good automatically. If teams build walls, dont use their alarms, randomly chuck at sieges for BP, etc. Then they’re going to get beaten by better teams and completely destroyed by the best teams.

Some of the worst players I’ve ever seen were ranked 1st in every stat while some of the best barely crack the top 200 players.
barely crack the top 200? having a pulse and checking in daily usually gets you in the top 200 and yes EVEN on en servers
Where? In the late/end game? Early to mid if you're top 200 then you're growing decently but nothing to write home about. Even in a post end game setting top 500 is usually too large to pass as an LMD. I'm not saying that you can't get there by simming festivals and eating internals of course.


I don't normally say much here however from experience gold is like a player modifier. It can't replace game skills, even though some try.


gold in a knowledgeable players hands is very different than gold or a bot with a scrub, which isn't a real revelation. f2p can still compete against a heavy gold user but it probably changes the approach