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  1. Medic911


    Sep 19, 2015
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    Changelog 2.138

    Dear Community,

    On Wednesday May 17, 2017 we will update to version 2.138. As always with updates there will be a short downtime.


    • After weeks of working on and testing island quest changes, we can now roll out the majority of changes to all live worlds. Some interface rework is still pending, however, and will follow in subsequent updates.
    • Additionally we worked on some mobile improvements that will be announced in the separate mobile changelog.
    • Of course we also hunted and fixed several bugs and implemented technical improvements.

    New Features and Changes

    • The island quest rebalancing is activated on all live worlds. Quest difficulty, objectives, mechanics and rewards have been reworked to provide a better experience for players in all game stages.
      • The island quest system has been reworked to make quests more challenging, but also more rewarding through a significant increase in reward value especially for later game stages.
      • General changes: The following effects were adjusted. This applies to effects earned through in-game events and island quests:
        • Favor package (amount scales with game progression level)
        • Improved troop movement (duration increased from 30 minutes/level to 60 minutes/level)
        • Coins of War/Wisdom/Both (amount scales with world speed)
        • Resource packages (amount scales with game progression level)
        • Improved Resource Production (effect increased from 50% to 250-1000%)
      • Quest difficulty calculations were adjusted:
        • The amount of game progression levels was increased from 3 to 4.
        • Quest difficulty is determined by game progression and points of biggest city on island (was: average of all city's points).
      • Island Quest rewards were adjusted to remain equally valuable across all game stages:
        • Coins of War/Wisdom grant more coins the higher the world speed (maximum speed 4).
        • Accelerated Construction has been replaced with Effficient Architects (rare & epic).
        • Accelerated Recruitment has been replaced with Reduced Recruitment Times (rare & epic).
        • Improved Attack has been replaced with Improved Attack (rare & epic).
        • Improved Defense has been replaced with Improved Defense (rare & epic).
        • Forced Loyalty is no longer available as it can't be used with battle point villages.
      • Quest objectives were adjusted to remove blockers and make available choices equally attractive and challenging:
        • The amount of units that need to be defeated scale with world speed.
        • The amount of units that need to be defended against scale with world speed.
        • Time to wait for "wait x hours" quests had been streamlined and increased in some cases (4-16 hours).
        • Negative effects have been adjusted. Negative resource production effects have more impact (-50% instead of -10%). In turn negative defensive and offensive effects have become weaker (Weakened Attack: -20% instead of -30%; Weakened Defense: -10% instead of -30%).
        • Attack and Rally Troops cannot appear as options within the same quest, removing blockers for specialized cities (attack & defense are still possible as support could be sent from other cities).
      • Further adjustments:
        • Attack quests now give equal loot to all players attacking the same quest target.
        • Quest limits have been adjusted to a maximum of 6 available quests (previously 10) and 3 quests that can be accepted at the same time (previously 4).
        • After a longer absence there will be at least one new quest available soon after starting a new game session (previously you had to wait up to 8 hours).
      • The changes are extensive. Therefore we prepared a dedicated wiki page [REPLACE WITH YOUR LINK], providing a more detailed list of all changes.

    • Registration - Facebook players no longer receive a request to validate their e-mail addresses as they are validated automatically upon registration.
    • Messages - From page 2 onward, moving messages to folders was no longer possible through drag and drop, breaking the functionality altogether until reloading the game.
    • Loot - Fixed a rounding error that could occur when attacking with a full cave, causing 1 resource to be lost.
    • Command overview - Cancel movement button would sometimes still be displayed after 10 minutes.
    • Senate - Under certain circumstances the population requirements for upgrades to level 13 and 15 did not meet the actual deducted population. Texts have been adjusted to reflect the worst case scenario and show the right numbers.
    * Found on beta, might not have occured on live worlds.

    Important information for the update process

    • To keep the inconveniences during the change to the new island quest parameters as low as possible, two things will happen around the designated update time:
      • Certain quest types will stop appearing approximately 24 to 48 hours before the update (e.g. the ones with objectives to rally troops or attack) as they would no longer exist with the new version.
      • During the update process all open finished quests will be completed and rewards moved to the (extended) inventory to ensure that old rewards are gathered before being replaced with new ones.


    We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you might have.

    Best regards,
    Your Grepolis Team

  2. MarkASp

    MarkASp Philosopher

    Nov 17, 2014
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    Not impressed with the new island quests.

    Number of units required in many cases make them unusable. Requiring 1200 units for a quest means it's only usable if I have a nuke of single population units, and rules out islands that have multi-population units (horse, cats, mantis, ets). Maybe if it was counting population, and not units.

    Some of the awards seem out of wack as well. Spending 20k in resources for something like 10 minutes of epic builder for example doesn't seem worth it, while waiting for 8-12 hours to get 7500% increase for 6 hours on a resource build does.

    The island quests were initially added for something to do for beginning players while they were growing, and in the past served as some extra small bonuses for relatively small investments. Then they were ties to leveling up heros, which is ok (I run some that I don't care about the award, but want the coins). Now they can throw things out of balance.

    And there is still no acknowledgement that cities might have a naval force using a majority of it's population, preventing it from taking advantage of many quests.

    I have the same thoughts about the nightly bonuses. I end up not using a lot of them because there are too many units involved. I might only want/need a modest number of units, not rebuilding a nuke. Again, these should be a bonus, not replacing the need to rebuild a nuke.
  3. Darkrystal Falkahn

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    Jun 8, 2016
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    Not impressed with the change from 4 quests to 3. Why was this even done? Seems stupid to me
  4. Zeeker348

    Zeeker348 Philosopher

    Aug 13, 2013
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    Really like the new quest rewards + increase in tokens. Actually started doing them again thanks to the change.
  5. MarkASp

    MarkASp Philosopher

    Nov 17, 2014
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    Looking at 1 on Thebes (US-62), The Plague. On the War side, the award is Efficient Architects (epic), which is 50% build times for 10 minutes. The cost: 27000 (27k) Wood, 9000 Stone, 0 Silver. The Wisdom side is 50% favor improvement for 6 hours, costing 9 hours of weakened attack.

    Both seem high for the award, but the War side seems especially expensive.