Cereal Killers

Cereal Killers

World: Delos (US48 )
Speed: 3/3
System: Conquest
Alliance Cap: 100
Morale: Active

Recruitment: To play with us you must be competent with the conquest system. Nobody is here to provide a haven or babysit people who can't or don't contribute. You must have a recognizable name or proof of your experience. People with an overwhelming amount of worlds on their plate already need not apply as this will cut into your time on Delos. You must be extremely active and aggressive. There are no package deals, this is to say every recruit is reviewed individually on their own merits. We will not play the friends game.

About Cereal Killers: Those who know me from previous worlds know that I tend to lead aggressive alliances capable of cutting deep into a world. You would also recognize that I do not tolerate turtles, simmers, or those who would need their hand held. If you aren't team oriented then I wish you luck finding another team as you will not make it onto or last long on this team.

If you feel that you possess the qualities i'm looking for and want to play with an aggressive and well organized group of players; Please send me a private message, do not post in this thread regarding recruitment. Best wishes to everyone once the world is open.

Official Botting Policy: If you are caught botting, don't bother logging back in, your cities will be gone, we aren't going to protect you for your inability to play fair and yes the mods will always be given benefit of the doubt unless you get yourself unbanned by them. Take the excuses else where. If me, a busy, athletic, partying, college student can find time to balance life and Grepo and play fairly while doing it, then you probably can too. No excuses.

PS to other alliances- Endorse and follow this too if you're not a spineless puss.
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I propose that each player in the alliance must have a "cereal" nickname. I'll be Honey Nut Cheerios


Hey guys,

Please try to keep this thread on topic and free of cheating accusations.


P.S. Good luck on your alliance TSF


she wished dan good luck cuz she knows he will need it. muhahahahahahahaha.
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Lol well were all screwed, how are we supposed to fight without breakfast every day :/ look forward to seeing you on the battlefield


Any chance I can get in this alliance?

Im not the best player, but I can be good when I want... I am also good friends with Veromaliko, I'm sure she remembers me ;-)
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Yeah, so I'm like a free agent right now, I just want to have an idea what alliances are REALLY here to win...