Can't open support ticket


I've tried multiple times - yet it shows I have no open tickets in support. I believe there is a player that has 3 accounts on 1 world.... MODS?


This happens all the time with players with multiple accounts. It is very aggravating... it would be great if they can prevent it, but sadly you can not prevent the inevitable. :(


Firstly this is not the specific place to post this as it decreases your chances of getting an accurate answer, if you cannot access support correctly then you should PM CrimsonBlue CoMa.

He is the only person in this particular situation that can help, be aware he is extremely busy but will answer you as soon as practically able.

I have also PM'd you this info as i will be asking for this to be closed.



If anyone believes a player is breaking the rules they should contact support so we can investigate the situation. We investigate every report to determine if a player is breaking the rules. Regarding not being able to send a support ticket, please contact me via a Private Message by clicking on my name to the left, then click Private Message from the drop down, and we can troubleshoot your issues.