Bringing Back Upsilon: Updated Top 12 Sink or Swim


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"Gold Flinger, he's the man
The man with the midas touch....he flings his gold"

Like to fling a little myself when necessary :p
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I predict that while there will be more consolidation and alliances coming within reach of The Hive in total points, no alliance will pass them in either Alliance BP or in total points. This alliance has demonstrated a level of excellence unrivaled in Upsilon and no Coalition or alliance will ever threaten its top spot in the rankings.
Cerulias, looking forward to your posts now about how alliance BP doesn't matter and is irrelevant :D How does it feel to be in a top 3 alliance finally?


Well being we are "pact allies" now I don't think the correct approach would be to try instigating a response from me and in case you haven't been aware of things since I'm sure you are busy I've been in a top 3 alliance pretty much my existence on this server but thank you for the shout out!

To future battles together instead of versus! lol Just know nothing was ever personal on my end...


Hmmm, apparently The Hive = float then sink. Who'd have known? I'm actually a little bit disheartened. I was looking forward to a good long hard-fought battle with you guys.


Hmmm, apparently The Hive = float then sink. Who'd have known? I'm actually a little bit disheartened. I was looking forward to a good long hard-fought battle with you guys.
I would have at least liked to seen them last till mid April. :\


Blood Hunters...Bee Hive? Spot the difference thisisgrepolis
Big difference between a honey producing bee and a blood hunting mosquito. In the Ximopolitan Empire, we have replaced iron slave collars with Hartz flee collars. We no longer talk of apicide, but of outright pesticide. All this talk of flees, ticks and mosquitos is making me feel itchy in my nethers.
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Well,Oli, let's get to work on that new sink or swim! I'll be back soon :) Looking forward to getting my azz back into the war thisisgrepolis


Looking forward to getting my azz back into the war thisisgrepolis
My sources had you being slating for being eaten. Just as well. Nice to have a decent enemy to fight. Oli converted to dark side of matter so I guess you will too. See you on the battlefield.


Well you were too indecisive and slow about accepting our invitation. It has been withdrawn. Lukewarm, pour faute de mieux alliance selection is not allowed in Special OPs.

The Few The Proud

Oliver Clothesoff

Ok Definitely NEED an updated Sink/Swim. Please forgive my harshness, it is meant to incite debate.. These are MY honest, well thought out opinions. I am trying to be as unbiased as possible. If you disagree with me, don't voice your opinion unless you are willing to back your opinion with the effort I put into mine. That being said, away we go..

1. Antimatter
Last Rank: 7

My own alliance, per usual no comment. Here are some stats: 3 of top 10 attackers, 3 of 10 top defenders, and 3 of top 10 fighters. 13 of top 50 fighters.

2. Assassins Rite
Last Rank: 1
Float then Sink

Same old same old with this alliance. Their leader is in VM, and when he gets back he is in for a surprise. Since "The Declaration" this alliance has performed quite poorly. They have taken 14 cities from their enemies and lost 18. While that does not seem like it is that bad, at this point they still pose no serious threat. They only have 1 Attacker in the top 10 and 7 in the top 50. Considering they have 7 players in the top 20 in points, it makes a lot of players sitting around not contributing much to the war. I have them floating for now as due to their size they will be able to stick around for a while. However, due to their poor attacking skills, this alliance is already dead in the water and has been for quite some time. They are also losing ground in overall BP to younger alliances like Antimatter, DarkMatter, and Special Ops. As with other alliances, I will not rely much on DBP statistics because when most of the world is at war with one another DBP is bound to pile up and may not represent player skill. Stats I will consider moving forward will be individual ABP and increase in total points.

As The Hive was criticized for stagnant growth by this alliance, it is their turn to be looked at over the course of 4 weeks

While an upward trend is always nice, their growth rate has taken a hit since the start of the war.

3. Dark Matter
Last Rank: NR

Same with DM, I will not comment. Here are some stats for DM: 2 of top 10 attackers, 2 of top 10 defenders, 3 of top 10 fighters (including top 2). Also already #9 in ABP and #7 in DBP. Not bad for an alliance about a month old.

4. The Elder Gods
Last Rank: 5

Here is what I wrote last time:
"I must say this alliance has turned it around. Through decent recruiting and high activity this alliance has been able to take advantage of Havoc in "their" core oceans. It seems their goal is to expand away from the core as they are avoiding another conflict with The Hive. How long it will last remains to be see, as there is still a lot left to be established in this section of the world. "

With the merge of Hive players to AM/DM The Elder Gods have remained loyal to their relationships. With any pressure on them from the core gone, this alliance has been able to focus on a certain direction. Their continued war with Havoc has caused some ups and down, but with the most recent occurrences, the alliance will likely continue to see an uptick.

However this alliance still lacks a presence towards the top of the leaderboard in BP. They have 1 player in the top 10 in ABP and 1 in the top 10 fighters. However they only have 3 of the top 50 fighters (and one was a player recently internalized). This could hurt them moving forward, but for now they continue to play their cards right.

5. The Trinity
Last Rank: 4
"When this alliance first came together I thought the showed good promise. They are now getting hammered by the Hive as they took on some of the better players from the alliances previously sunk by the Hive. Their Academy is also in the same situation. No need for further detail, nothing much has changed from my previous post except now they are being targeted more. "

This is what I wrote about The trinity last time, before "The Declaration". It still fits perfectly. Since then, The Trinity has seem their top player given a temporary ban for cheating and has yet to take a city during the war from their enemy. Their growth has become stagnant, and it shouldnt be long before we see a downward trend here

6. Havoc Resurgent
Last Rank: 4
Lol what can I say about the once great Havoc "system"? For an alliance which their founder once boasted were 500 strong, they sure did crumble with the departure of 6 of their players. To add insult to injury many of their other stronger players have ghosted once they say the other players leave. This alliance is done. They still have 1 top 10 ttacker, but right now you have to question their will and their numbers.

7. Special Ops
Last Rank: NR
Swim then Sink

It isnt very often I post a swim then sink prediction for any alliance. However that can be credited to some of this alliance's top players. Floating just isnt in their vocabulary. They have no top 10 fighters, but as a whole they are moving up in the ranks. They have had the most success against AM/DM since "The Declaration" but with their mates floundering, their "success" just cannot be sustained. The still have a good bit of room for recruitment, so I can see them making a move in that department to try to counter and drop off they might experience. They have taken 22 cities in the war and lost 25. The longer they can keep that stat close the longer they can hang around. However, most of their cities taken have been in their core, but so have their cities lost.

Once again the war has slow the growth of this alliance. This is reflected by the fact that they are finally being tested. How they hold up remains to be seen. Additionally it is directly related to the success of their pacts around them.

8. Heracletian Alliance
Last Rank: NR
Float then Sink

As an academy, the status of this alliance is comparable to the main alliance. In this case, that is trending downward. While Heracletian has been pretty much left alone since "The Declaration" that is only due to the overall distance as a whole. Similarly, they have yet to take any cities of their own from AM/DM.

While they are trending upward, a look at the list of cities they are taking paint the true picture. There is nothing but ghosts, small alliances, and internals. They boot out a considerable amount of people over time, but are unable to fill the slots. That also does not bode well for their ability to continue over the long haul.

9. The Elite
Last Rank: N/R

This is another Rim alliance that has found themselves in the top 10. Considering they are 10 million points behind the top alliance, it is likely they will be able to float on the rim while causing some trouble for some of the bigger alliances. Based on who they align themselves with could determine what kind of future these guys have. Most of their cities being taken right now are internals, so they will have to branch out and put together some kind of effort against someone else if they ever want to grow. They have no top 50 attackers or fighters, but it really shouldnt be expected from a small alliance.

Based on the fact that the #10 alliance is also an academy, I dont even see a point in discussing any of the others. It is clear to see that the top players are all within the top 3 or 4 alliances right now. Some other alliances are trending up, but they are very dependent on the success of others. As the largest war continues to rage on, a lot can still change.

But for now I will say it one for time, since "The Declaration" the score is 75-43 in favor of AM/DM. Regardless of what anyone else can say, that is the stat that holds the most weight.
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