Bl4ckR4ider turned Free Agent (O54)


Today in a groundbreaking series of events the 592nd ranked player in the world has became a free agent! Now 592nd doesn't seem like it could help some of the big dogs, however there's more! His suburb attacking lands him at 261st on the overall attackers list. Still not impressed? Well there a few important things that the scouts left out. First off, he joined the world after the first people were coming out of BP that puts him a week behind everyone else! Other thing teams looking to sign him should realize is that he is a gold user! No, not the kind that spends $2000 to shoot to the top of the leaderboards, the kind that spends $20 dollars every couple of months to keep the five advisors! This guy has been through it all, starting his first world on EN6 and being part of the US forum since 2012 he is just a grizzled veteran looking for a home.

Other notables:
-Attack hungry, loves his ABP.
-Can coordinate attacks with the best of them.
-Is afraid of CS and snipes them from landing in harbors.
-Only sleeps 6 hours a day, so lots of time for Grepolis
-Willing to teach young guns *If they listen*
-Active in forums
-Can attack smaller players that larger players couldn't (Due to moral)
-Doesn't defend with offensive units
-Doesn't attack with defensive units

Possible side effects:
-On occasion may attack off-topic forum with excessive humor
-Will attack alliance member with one Bireme to give a mobile notification if needs urgent help
-Joined the MRA that was HAVOC, so even after 4+ years of Grepolis may still be a noob.

Thanks for your time,
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