biggest cry baby in grepo history

myrddin emyrs

maknox today at 19:51
you broke a rule that you never ever do, attacking any alliancemates. Secondly attacking any city period that has a reservation on it. We do not post all cities in the CS thread because we have spies in our alliance who allow censored to target our repos. Either you are a complete idiot or a spy and traitor. Either way you are not BB material
myrddin emyrs today at 19:48
you never followed the correct protocol that is clearly stated in the forum this is not a one man game where we go about and do our own thing we help each other out, if you had poosted your time it would never have happened.
maknox today at 19:43
you do not attack alliancemates cities ever. especially ones with reservations on it. Even if you were really that ridiculously stupid, then you would be saying that you wanted to steal resources from my new city
myrddin emyrs today at 19:39
i did check forum to see if and when your colony ship was being sent and didnt see it so took opportunity to try and get some resources.

This is convo that took place earlier today and he decided to throw a tantrum acuse me of spying relaying info to other alliances which i never done and he said he had proof find it strange why you wait till now, so you know he is lying, anyway what a tantrum he has thrown because he cant follow the rules in the alliance forum for cs taking and decides to make stuff up because he cant take it, what a joke so now i have the whole alliance attacking me, i mean really your going to follow a big baby who throws his dummy out of the pram when he cant do what everyone else does and wants it his way for him and everyone else should bow down and take it, yeah ok dont see you lasting long before people realise what you are, if they dont then they are going to fall down the rabbit hole, this should be fun to see how they manage to take out my cities i say go for it give me bps aint bothered starting else where i will have loads of bps thanks to them.
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myrddin emyrs

1-0 to me
Player attacked me before had to get own back 2-0 to me
secs later its now 3-0 to me

please copy reports and see for yourself


Welllll...generally it's not cool to attack any city that an alliance mate has reserved without at least an in game mail saying it was ok. That being said, freaking out over friendly fire seems really childish too. Just my two cents.


that mail.... belongs in crime and punishment jfs :D

oh, and for what it's worth... confirming myr is NOT our spy. never has been either. so if malknowhatever is saying it's you... and he "knows" it... then he "knows" squat


"Either you are a complete idiot or a spy and traitor. Either way you are not BB material"

enough said...

Irrefusable offer

Rofl this is hilarious. keelee how are those ls feeling at the bottom of the ocean? Pague why are you still here? All your other friends already ran back to Tau...

myrddin emyrs

I love it when your get free bps
also he decided to send colony ship i decided to sink it with seastorm got to love it an just in heres the latest they have one city that is 2000 there ally has the other which is at 6200 and latest attempt from them is here folks

I aint stupid you can cast what you like on it i know when your sending a colony ship, all your doing is giving me more bps so if and when you manage to take the cities off me where ever i restart i will have a whole load of city slots available.

myrddin emyrs

poor really poor looks like he needs cities gift wrapped for him or passed onto him from his fellow team mates, the whole alliance as a whole seems to need that and theres only a few active players in the alliance and they dont help each other out unless it suits them, all cities i have taken done it by myself, but nothing major with my takes, but to stop a few colony ships sink one by seatorm and at moment have taken one at 2000 points and there allies take one at 6000 points and give me over 8000bps is really poor lol