Best & Worst


Hijacked from another forum but here we go.

Name your worst and best, rules:

1- Nobody likes anyone voting for themselves so don't
2- keep to format
3- keep on topic
4- don't make it personal.

Best Player:
Best Alliance:
Best Fighter:
Best Defender:
Best Alliance Leader:
Worst Player:
Worst Alliance:


Best Player: Greekzta
Best Alliance: TSF
Best Fighter: Superunknown
Best Defender: Suna007
Best Alliance Leader: Crankyoldman
Worst Player: Redthealmighty
Worst Alliance: MRA of the Year


This thread is going to be pretty easy to predict... No offense fletch. These are more fun when there is more than 1 war going on.

But in the spirit of objectivity, here is my personal opinion. Going to limit mine to the top 7 alliances though (excluding TC of course)...

Best Player/Fighter: 1map - The one man army. We have one of those as well though...

Best Attacker: Close one between Legion, Super, and Greek...Legion gets the nod. Super is a close 2nd because he has been in the action more than Greek when it comes to having to defend which basically means more efficient (less cities devoted to offense). Good way to gauge efficiency/effectiveness is to divide BP (any variation) by total number of cities. Super has been top 5 most of the server in that metric.

Best Alliance: Vigilate. They won the only contest so far that was a direct competition between alliances and continue to excel despite the haters. The rest is speculation at this point.

Best Defender: Hard not to give it to 1map, even with the double up tokens.

Best Leader: Legion by a mile

Worst Player: this seems to break rule # 4 above, no? But I would say just throw a dart at the KoTR roster. Should be pretty close.. lol

Worst Alliance: Reach hands down.