Best/Worst Alliances Names


Theta there was about 5 or 6 alliances that were something like KANNA 1 through to KANNA 6. All of them were syndicates.

Ahem, there were only 5 KANNA alliances, now there are only 3 left after we came in;-) (although basically 1 is active, and they're barely) But each KANNA except for 5 hit 100 people I beleive, or would be like around 95, they were a pretty good MRA.


I named my alliance Alpha Omega, it has received good review as far as the name goes.
We like it. The beginning and the end :)


IDK what you guys are thinking but Robot Chickens is by far the best alliance name.


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All members must name a city ERECTION. The size of your ERECTION is of no consequence. In time it will grow. If any member loses their ERECTION they will be booted from the alliance.
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