Best Leader/ Worst Leader


I'm still a noobie but been thou a few leaders including myself lol and a couple worlds slowly getting the hang of it but I do have to mention 1 person Sgt. Hartman before he came along I was about to throw towel in on the whole Game but he showed a whole new way of leadership and if there is a leader better than him I hope I have the opp. to learn under them

Banus Maxalious

Sgt. Hartman is garbage. The complete package of terrible leadership. He just dissolved NO FEAR and left because he thought he was too pro for the alliance. He even made a joke here on the forums about making the banner dolphins because no fear is going to sink... the day he dissolved and reset his account. Under new management NO FEAR has climbed the ranks and completely dominated O35.


I have got to update mine! Things have changed...
Best leader on tau: goyan
Best leader ever: pork7990/misstony

Worst leader on tau: fighter*
Worst leader ever: Zanderman1432


WORST LEADER IN TAU: johnamerritt
WORST LEADER EVER: appraxiadaddy