Best city names in Alpha


Thought I'd try and liven up this forum a bit.

What are the best names around you in Alpha?
I like my one, W4R NEVER CHANGES, because my name in-game is W4RR10R, so I spelt war with a 4 and someone who capped an ITS MINE city, re-named it It's mine now


Personally, I like any with a theme. My theme is Star Wars on Alpha.
I also enjoy a complex star wars theme for my city names. It's hard to think of there being another system for naming cities after the 30-40 city mark.

May the 4th be with you as well, W4.


Great thread! I am a Sci-Fi fan as well and try to name cities from SG1, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica and certain ships as well constellations.


I have removed my complex, Star Wars themed city name structure and replaced it with another type of system.
But, I specifically wanted to point out the cities of mine with the names of my fallen friends in the Western side of the world over the duration of the server and I figured this was a good place to do it. For the various reasons they have quit playing, I still hold respect for them.

Hope real life is treating you all well!