Best Alliance Ever


What do you expect me to be great right off the bat? I said I started there late. Besides the world was almost to WWs anyways.
Don't worry about if fig, there just forum trolls feeding off of your responses, better off not responding


Further harassment will not be tolerated, I suggest stopping.
Haha really, your on the externals where your vision of harassment is classed as banter by everyone else. If you don't want to be in the limelight then don't put yourself there.

Jeez, why do people turn into whining babies when they get called out.


Fig... Don't tout accomplishments then try to take them back and say you sucked there anyway... That's not very effective. Work with your group- Don't make accusations of a group you don't know anything about. We have done our homework on you and your members, have you done the same on ours?

Don't tell us you won't tolerate future harassment.... Show us.... Send your revolt wave to my city within the first three hours of BP and I won't even block it... If you can do that and send a CS the city is yours if you can oust me on the CS wave... I won't even ask for support...


Wouldn't say trolling that much, and I addressed them in game anyways.

Yea I said shut up, WOW,big deal, why don't you leave me alone, pretty sure you have more to do then bother me
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