Beer Alliance Revived

Hey guys,

Although this is mostly pertaining to people who played in Oropos, we of course are open to all people. The Beer alliance that WRECKED everyone in Oropos is looking to get back together. So I wanna put this out there to see if anyone else who I can't contact in a world might be interested. We'll be going to a world (in time) with these settings:

Speed: 3+
Unit Speed: 3+
Morale: Enabled
Night Bonus: Enabled
Ally Cap: 40+ (hopefully)
Type: Revolt

We've already got a small core group already made. And we know when we'll like to drop into the world with the settings that suit us. We're a very aggressive fighting team that's very loyal to one another. We're family. So if you're wanting to join, reach out to me in a world you share with me (mostly Cythera), or post here and let's talk.