Battle Royale~Week 4 (Space)



Week 4

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...........

Sunday, Jan 4th, we will be starting Week 4 of the SoTW: Battle Royale competition with the theme Space! This means your signatures must contain the theme of Space (stars, planets, spaceships, etc).

Post all entries into [thread=8095]this thread[/thread] and it must be submitted by Saturday, January 10th.

Reminder of the rules:

Submission Rules

-Max size: 500px by 200px

-No Ripping, this includes just putting text on an image (if you are unsure what this is then please message me

-Only 1 entry per week

-No posting your images elsewhere in order to gain advice. That means no pm'ing it to someone, posting in CnC, or uploading it any other place on the forum.

-Must be submitted before deadline

-Must follow the theme

-Please put effort into it

Voting Rules

-You are allowed only one vote per competition.

-No Campaigning for votes

-Artists must remain anonymous

-No voting for your own entry

Refer back to [thread=8093]SoTW: Battle Royale Thread[/thread] for additional information.
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