Battle Royale~Week 2 Voting

Which Entry is your Favorite?

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Happy Holidays everyone! :-D
Which Holiday signature do you think is the best?

Voting Rules
-You are allowed only one vote per competition.
-No Campaigning for votes
-Artists must remain anonymous
-No voting for your own entry

Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Entry 3:
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Mr. Walleye

Nice! I'm sorry I couldn't get my entry in - I am in the UK so I forgot about the time change. :( But that means I get to vote.

I voted for number removed.

CrimsonBlue, why did you remove that number? We can see who voted for what anyways.
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Congratulations to Beast for winning Battle Royale~Week 2!!!! He is the creator of entry 1.

He will be receiving the prize shortly.

Mr. Walleye

Aw, slobo didn't get to keep his title? :(

Good job though Beast!!

Mr. Walleye

I was thinking there should be a different prize each week depending on the theme.