Battle Royale~Week 1 (Freestyle)



Week 1

[thread=8178]Poll is up.[/thread] No longer accepting entries

Monday, Dec 15th, we will be starting off the SoTW: Battle Royale competition with the theme Freestyle! This means your signatures may have any theme you want, as long as they fall within the forum rules. Use this theme to show off your best skills to the competition! ;-)

Post all entries into [thread=8095]this thread[/thread] and must be submitted by Saturday, Dec 20th.

Reminder of the rules:

Submission Rules

-Max size: 500px by 200px

-No Ripping, this includes just putting text on an image (if you are unsure what this is then please message me

-Only 1 entry per week

-No posting your images elsewhere in order to gain advice. That means no pm'ing it to someone, posting in CnC, or uploading it any other place on the forum.

-Must be submitted before deadline

Voting Rules

-You are allowed only one vote per competition.

-No Campaigning for votes

-Artists must remain anonymous

-No voting for your own entry

Refer back to [thread=8093]SoTW: Battle Royale Thread[/thread] for additional information.
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My work??? my signature is not made by me, lol... its by Beast.

Edit: I wish I could make sigs like You, Charl and Beast (others I probably forgot to add)