Battle Royale (runphilrun vs. BKMiller69)

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runphilrun vs. BKMiller69
The winner is runphilrun!

Which signature do you think is the best?

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Entry 1:

Entry 2:
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So runphilrun said he wanted a CnC I dont know which is his but I'll do both and he can say afterwords
Entry 1
I think I understand the concept which was looking a 2d game in first person. I dont know if the concept carried too well into the design. Someone glancing at it would be confused as to what it is even about. The wording is small simple and awkwardly placed

Entry 2
This one is really nice perfect for what this contest is about making sigs. The placement of everything is perfect. The lighting is all on the same plane. The negative and positive space are nicely balanced. My only qualm and its a small one at that is I feel that the lettering could have been larger because it is less noticeable with the size it is. Whoever made it though may have wanted it to have less presence but for me it is too little. (TBH my gut says this one is runphilrun's but dont let that sway your voting)