Battle for Troy


I have made myself an account on the international Beta Test Server to try out the upcoming event:


First the individual Rewards for the different Battlegrounds:

BG 1 mixed resoures IV
BG 2 Archers V
BG 3 improved movement V
BG 4 Wedding among Aristo V
BG 5 Favor IV (plus a boost to troop strength as a one time bonus, your Skirmishers get +2 Strength)
BG 6 Tyches Enlightment I (10% att, 1 week)
BG 7 Slingers III
BG 8 Centaur IV
BG 9 Ritu: Mourning+Suffering (the EQ thing)
BG 10 Horses IV
BG 11 Swords VI
BG 12 Tyches Encourage I (5% def, 1 week)
BG 13 Harpies IV
BG 14 mixed resources VI
BG 15 Tyche Silver III (20% silver, 3 weeks)
BG 16 Birems IV
BG 17 Heightend senses
BG 18 Ritu: Divine Aura V (CP-boost)
BG 19 Tyches Wood boost III
BG 20 Erynies I
BG 21 Tyche Stone III
BG 22 Rit: Chain Lightning V
BG 24 Harpies VII
BG 25 Slingers VIII
BG 26 Tyches Enligh IV
BG 27 Heightend Senses
BG 28 Horses VIII
BG 29 Tyches Defense IV
BG 30 Lux. Residence VIII
BG 31 Coins of War IX
BG 32 Coins of Wisdom VI
BG 34 Land Expansion 50, plus one time: Hector+cultural level!

A (bad, sorry) screenshot of Hector:

Now a few informations, i can not confirm myself, but they are from one developer and from the CM of the german externals:

The event will run for 2 weeks on our normal worlds.

It will not be possible to play it on mobile.

On worlds, where the Hero Features are disabled you will receive the following rewards:

BG 30 Favor Package
BG 31 Ritual: Chain Lightning
BG 32 Ritual: Mourning and Suffering