Attack sounder


I noticed last night that the attack sounder has changed. I have checked with another player and they are experience the same issue. Its is not a distinct sounder and honestly when i was attacked last night Im surprised i even looked at my phone. Is anyone else experiencing this?


So I saw that Grep is doing an update on June.12th, 2019 but yet the bug fixes don't mention the attack alarm which imo is way more important than all the fixes they have listed. Is there a timetable for when, what I consider, one of the most important aspects of the game will be fixed? Shouldn't that be priority number 1 for bug fixes? also they still haven't fixed the sound issue nor have they mentioned that either in the bug fixes.


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@iAmK1NG Sadly I'm not privy to the timeline as to when this bug will be fixed.

There is another issue with the app with players being unable to sign into their game.

I suggest players use a mobile browser until the app has been fixed.


Attack alarm has not been fixed at least not on Android, still not sounding the way it should
have you reinstalled it and ensure its enable. Also remember how we got some poor versions alarms if you do that again but change the notification to incoming attack mp.3 it should work again. though an s4 and below cant be altered due to no advance in a sense it is mostly fix, Except for those that have dual account (only works with the one logged in) and those with s4 and below. IF you are struggling contact me in discord Al