As the world drags on!!!! New Soap Opera for TV


Pella has turned into a soap opera. I shall now call it As the world drags on!!!!

Here are the stories of the current soap.

Anub and Wilde one are having a feud over who is the baby's father. Currently Anub is winning.

Brinfla is the sports player who thinks he is really good because he rides the bench and is best at serving water to the guys actually doing stuff.

Bamcis is the cry baby, who cant get over that Trav beats him to everything.

Flavius is the Godfather of the world.

Compton is straight out of compton.... enough said.

Trav is the handsome good looking doctor that loves to take xray's cities.

Al is the paranoid guy in the corner who thinks everyone is out to get him, I think Silent was in that corner with him for a while.

Indy is the annoying kid that just wont go away!!!
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They even named a movie after me... Im so honored. Haha!