Artemesia Quests and their cave changing advanatges

I thought Id have a winge about this, but clearly the Developers who thought up this quest with hundreds of millions in silver left in conquered Quest citys, has to be one of the dumbest ideas yet,

these quest citys have been heavily exploited on every server and even in this server 100'000'000 silver in their caves is a game changing advantage to anybody, those with more than 1 from the same alliance doubly so,

it gets worse on other faster servers, I here some have 900'000'000 thats almost 1 billion silver for draining your enemys caves, how in the world did Grepolis not consider that that would hand teams that conquer them and then spike other alliances quest citys to steal them aswell would not be exploited ? lol >_<

Whats even more astounding is they release this quest at a time when their putting so much effort into Re balancing the game :D now that is irony.

Does the moderators even have an opinion on this ? or input, because clearly the architects and maniacs who thought this up are 100% responsible for handing some teams a game changing advantage, and given that most teams to conquer one already are more often than not in the top few already dominating over smaller alliances.

I am also talking in general regarding multiple other servers where only 1 or 2 top teams managed to take quest citys due to the largest teams spiking and stealing others same as went on in this server,

of course it was fair game for anybody, but really whoever gets to them first and can steal others gets a massive advantage,

I would like to hear what others think of it, be it from Naxos or any other servers ?

its still something you cant compete against when your enemys have that advantage, and the developers should have thought about that when they dreamed up this one.

PS on two other servers it has been blamed and is responsible for players getting rimmed due to it. innogames should think about that before they ever repeat this again unless they enjoy seeing their paying customers drop in numbers :)


You know how I feel about it, as you posted after me in the main discussion about this. We have 2 caves, allies 2 caves, neutrals 2 caves enemies none and I think its beyond silly they kept caves full after capture. It effectively removes espionage from the game .. so unless that was their plan should have been changed. Even if both sides have these caves, you cant counter spy for long. I spent a great deal of time and res to stock my caves, being on the front lines, and Id be beyond miffed if that all meant nothing.

As much as I like having 2 caves on my team, you cant blame this one on drinking .. pure nonsense the caves remain on newer servers and older servers too if the caves upgrade like the troops did.