Apply to "MRA of the Year"


I am interested but I think I am to good... I have actually reached 100 points on grepolis before... is that to much? I promise I don't hack.


I'm concerned that this alliance is going to bully around the server. I suggest that you pact with at least 8 alliances to show that you're peaceful.
Oh, we will have a pact invitation waiting for every top 1000 alliance. We will advertise it in our profile so everyone knows just how peaceful we are. It'll be like beginner protection never ends <3

can I join? think I will be a good candidate.. I am very experienced!! I had 4 accounts, with all of them I had 200+ cities before, but I sadly forgot the accoount names so you cant check on grepointel.. :/
hmmm, the 200+ cities directly goes against everything we believe in, but if you have a tendency to forget account names, that might redeem you.