Any chance of a new Top 12 Alliances Discussion?


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Well, since we Rebels defeated Guardians of Pi and Pi Optimus Maximus. Things have been rather quiet. We need more discussion on this topic. Jackal postulated some thoughts on why someone would want to be in a 2nd or 3rd Alliance. I can only answer for me. For me, my goal is less in winning this game and more in being happy in how I have played the game. Have I played honorably? Yes, I have. I was mercilessly attacked to further someone else's agenda. I was played with like a cat plays with a mouse. Ultimately, the mouse outplayed the cat! For me, I don't need the award at the end of the game. THIS satisfaction has been my reward! I guess I would call this a "Survivor" style of playing. I defeated my enemies regardless of who wins the entire game. I'm the player who wins the car, but not the game. And that is fine by me! I did not defeat them alone. It took a team and another team. So now I owe them my honor and my loyalty, my fealty. I give it gladly! I will support them and help them complete THEIR goals and I will feel honored to have been of benefit. I look forward to hearing thoughts on this? :-D

Still here, but they are NOT!


I am not a fan when people speak of honor, loyalty, etc.... Those are in the eye of the beholder. I AM a fan of people playing how they choose and making decisions that let them play the game the way they choose. Whether it is to win, cause trouble, whatever. The game is interesting because so many personalities come into play and various interests come to head.

Congrats on enjoying your game and being happy with your results!! :D



Sure, I'll try it. But seeing as we are only Speed One... the top 10.

1. The Rebellion... (3 dots)
Big boys. The Core. Always hard to win from the core, but these folks are still stable. Dedicated leaders. A decent gold using core group, with a mass of active leaders/players holding their alliance together. The core, simply means you face in all direction. A difficult proposition. They, and their sister alliance (#5) are the folks to beat.

2.Warriors of Greece.
Big boys. Got their crap together. An ocean away from the core to the east. A few of their players pound the gold, and back off, tossing cities to other players. Excelled leadership, decent location. One of the best, both in players and as an alliance. Location isn't totally enviable, like the Rebels, they face multiple fronts but hold 'old' highly defensive positions.

3. Empyric.
Nice location. Way up north west with nothing behind them. Decent leaders. A bit frayed at times due to the ever-changing situation in their geographic location and with a lot of odd smaller alliances around them, but always in there. One of those alliances never to be underestimated. Could win, if the cards play right. They can expand 'outward' to their hearts content.

4. Last Kings
A central 'from-the-start' alliance. Great leadership. Holds 1/4 (plus) of the core, and is well sited. This is one of those 'old' alliances that must be watched, or else you are screwed.

5. The Rebellion.. (2 dots)
Sister alliance to (3 dots). These two alliances hold the core, but as always, the core is not always ...good.

6. Ottoman Empire.
An ace in the hole, this alliance has good leaders, and also holds one of the most envied locations. Way out east, they only have one flank to worry about. Everything they do...faces west towards the core. They simply can't be killed. An alliance to watch.

7. Unity
57 and 58 oceans, this is an alliance that is close enough to do serious work, and far enough away to shrug off anyone hitting them. Over the next year, they must determine what they plan to do. At #7... it will be hard to 'win'.

8. Peacemakers
Very much like Unity. Whatcha gonna do?

9. Praetorian.
Ditto. A few seriously active players, and not much else. What will you do?

10. Hell Hounds.
Surrounded, besieged. Turtled... with a few very good players. At one time a force in the world, these players are now a force onto themselves. They can't 'go' anywhere, so hold onto what they can. Above all existant 'big' alliances, these folks are probably having more 'fun' than anyone. Just staying alive.
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Of course, just a few hours after posting that, Unity jumps up, and WoG drops down.


It seems we're in the era of consolidation. We're down to 8 alliances that are big enough to matter. Not that they all have a chance to win, but that the decisions they make could affect who wins. Hell Hounds and Zombie Apocalypse are the smallest of those 8. Are they the next alliances to get merged with someone else?