Anti-timer Setting

high lord ross

Yep i have seen as has as a 14 second deviation ten seconds is plenty in my mind, actually 5 would work for me but 10 seconds seems most fair. If it was a standard setting across all worlds this would be beneficial to the players, if not it should be listed in world settings


This should be a decent answer to that.
Before this discussion most didn't even know how long the randomizer was. I can say, that as a rule, I do not vary the randomizer, I keep it consistent. I don't intend to vary it either as I do not think its something that should be a factor within the settings of the world. It should exist, nothing more.

high lord ross

15 seconds is my guess than you are right, Daed i apologize.


Just my opinion on the matter of anti-timer;

I've played Grepolis for a total of about 3 years now, and so far I've never experienced a deviation of more than +10 or -10; I've played .en Alpha, Beta (the last one less actively), .us Alpha, Beta and Gamma (shortly quit those last two) and am now playing .us Xi.

It might be me picking those exact worlds that have a +/- 10 second anti-timer, as I'm reading posts where people state they've had way higher, but so far my experience has been a consistent +/- 10, and I've never seen it go higher than that.

Bullwinkle the Moose

I always thought it was +/- 15, as I have had many attacks go higher than 10 and have had quite a few hit 15 seconds in the past but never saw an attack go higher than 15 :)
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