Ally, war, disband


Ally:picnic Bunnies-We are currently at war thought
War:Academic Bunnies-Basically half Chigs half PB spill
Disband:Honey Bunnies- One man alliance.
Ocean 55
Widows Lament

p.t. baby

p.t i didn't realise you were still with us, hey mate! Hows it going?

Alliances below 30:
Lunatic Fringe
Blah Blah Blah
i here boss ... apparently no one near me wants to attack me.. it appears that tbc has come up with the plan of containment , so they turtle the cities close to me so i have a hard time taking them ... hard but not impossible .while vii just talks about how much they dislike me .... its kinda boring in my neck of the woods ..thanks to hippie for the shoutout btw ... looks like he has finally seen the light :) back on topic

ally: vii ( i dislike some of these folks , but they do bang hard ... if you can trust them not to stab you in the back, cant ask for better pact )
war: the scrublords... ( core ocean alliance .. nuff said )
disband : widows lament ( top heavy... a good fight could knock them off ..maybe)
Goats of war
Folgers Raiders
The Roman Empire
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