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Mr Noodles

Dear All,

I have been playing games like Grepolis for many years and already have grasped the aspects of this game very well. I am an experienced leader who does not run from any challenge but instead stands and fights it.

I have an alliance on Troy we started late on the world really but we are developing. I am hopeful that we will have a fair few of them join us on this new adventure. I view the gold trading as a good thing it will make this world very interesting. Being able to trade the gold will help those who don't have bottomless wallets to be able to compete more evenly I believe.

My style of leadership is a democratic one I believe players within reason should have a choice as to how their alliance (Alliance = Team) operates. It is far more fun to achieve things in this manner that to dictate orders as this game is here for everyone to have fun 8)

I suspect that we will all congregate in the South-West so if you fancy coming and joining us, are an active player and a good team worker then hopefully you will want to join us :)

Please let me know if you would like to join us either in the forum or when on the world.

At the present we will have 5 members: Myself, Deano68, Simsilver, Xaz95 and Jared Caesar. Others are expected to join from Troy as I am waiting on 14 members to mail me

Best Regards
Mr Noodles
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Mr Noodles

Thanks Texan :D Would you be interested in Joining us? We have more people joining us here :) I want to get a good group together :)

Mr Noodles

cool I have replied. Hopefully you will want to join. If we can get a decent group at the beginning recruitment during the game is much easier :)


Hey man.
depending on the size of your alliance I might join...
I am very very experienced.
Played for 4 years now and I am loaded up with gold for this new world.
I want to join a team that is small 15-20 active dedicated strong experienced players.

No more no less.
If this is you then when your ready invite if not then no worries.

Mr Noodles

Hi there,

We would intend to be bigger than that. I think somewhere around the 100 mark would be good.

I know what your mean but I think we will need numbe're on this world.

Hope you will still join?


Hello Mr. Noodles... my question for you is have you ever had any other accounts? if so, what were the account names?

Mr Noodles

Hi xpertgreek,

No I haven't but I have played for a while as me and have played many similar games such as lord of ultima. I know of course there are differences but these are very subtle.

Why do you ask?