Alliance Recruitment: Epoch/UAS "united alliance sphere branch Epoch


hello name is Mr.92 currently of the world juktas,,but have been in a few over the years. looking to start up a new alliance..looking for some few but proud leadership and also a few alliances willing to join in a new united coalition right of the bat..ran by one unified government and with complete merging of networks. this allows for growth..information, new ideas, and the ability to cover a wider area then normally possible..seen this done with radioactive and its subsidiaries in juktas,,can see how it works simply by going there and seeing how they have become the most powerful group on the server. i intend to integrate much of there systems and some others ive learned of into one powerful empire. 3 names are up for choice and leaders will be allowed to add some others in..for now there will only be 2 openings for subsidiary alliances and will be that way for some time. to talk it over more..message me on juktas or here. names for this new true super alliance will be: ePOCh, UAS"united alliance sphere" or Enigma

banner will be a complic8) tau_logo_by_tallguy-d31r7jy.jpgation of the coat of arms of all 3 alliances into one banner shared among them


Welcome to the Greater Good!!
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Hey 92,
i'll be there when they open it up,,,
and can anyone tell me why under my name iam listed as a slave and not at least a citizen or maybe "lord kind" lol


..seen this done with radioactive and its subsidiaries in juktas,

not how it started or is at all...