Alliance Entrance Exam

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I am now creating an alliance entrance exam. Feel free to send MRA's to it.


Any questions that you would like to see on it?
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ok so far should have more questions though 1 got a 3/3 should have 10 questions at least
wish i could help you with the questions


Are biremmes good for...
flying over walls

On revolt worlds when should your colony ship land
while the revolt is being started
while the revolt is underway
once the revolt has completed

Whats the most effective defence against Cavalry
Light Ships

Whats a harbour check?
going into your senate and checking the harbour is still there
going into your harbour and checking you have ships
attacking a city overland to see what is in the harbour
Checking you have harbour researched in your academy

Which of these can carry the most looted resources
A slinger
A transport ship
A harpy
A catapult

What can Fire ships kill?
Colony Ships
Light Ships
Transport Boats
All of the above

Which of these is a mixed nuke?
500 Swordsmen, 500 slingers, 500 hoplites
400 slingers, 400 hoplites, 200 horsemen
100 chariots, 1 pegasus
500 archers, 500 slingers, 10 manticores
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Stained Glass

Thank you Dimspace, I will add those tonight. As well, i will add the ability to show the correct answer if the test taker gets it wrong and a better score system. Right now though, there are only 3 questions and 2/3 of the people taking the test are missing one of them.

Ok more questions have been posted (not just the ones recommended, thank you for the post). As well, more funny answers and images have been added as well. If you have test questions that you would like added to it, please post them here.

Next Update: More questions, better scoring, more possible answers, more funny answers, more funny images, more post update mythical units questions.
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9/10 think i got the fireship question wrong i never use em

Stained Glass

Good job, yeah there are 2 questions that most people get wrong, the fire ship question and the minimum reccomended city size for conquest. Good job everyone. The next set of questions will be the mythical units questions post the update.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Stained Glass

72 People have now taken the Alliance Entrance Exam. It is a work in progress but a lot of people got 2 of the questions wrong.

Questions most people get wrong:
1. Recommended minimum city size for conquest as stated on wiki
2. What can fire ships kill?

It tells me that very few people actually read the wiki info.


yeh, the joke answers kinda distract people into answering what is funny rather than what is correct.

and in my experience a fair few players dont know the easiest way to get past fireships is just to sail on past em, so funny seeing a noob with 100 fireships get his troops slaughtered and wall trashed by an "unescorted" attack :D


Nice Test. Thank you for taking the time to make that.



Dime, can you send me a few of those "unescorted" attacks?

Please, please, please.....


Yea, any way to display wrong answers? Also the wiki is a guide, a well placed/built 1500 pt city is much better than a trash 2k+ city in a trash location :p

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Some more challenging questions, i hope all you noobs know the answers ;) :

- When is it viable to use fireships ingame on an ongoing basis?
- What is a scorched earth policy?
- What advantages does an Oligarchy have over traditional alliances?
- In what situations is social engineering a very valid tactic ingame?
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I got 9/10, no clue which one I missed. Anyway, I really thought that "What are Biremes used for?" question. I found that seriously funny.