alliance brazil


Brazil comes from the alliance sevirdo br so addicted to it so this world promises because this alliance they shall go Tues quick conquest and start winning I'm one of them and we will fight here and covenants not accept recruitment tbm does not have to be from Brazil and is our friend and not to mention here that fusion will not score and the alliance will not be mass recruitment will be top 10 so quickly when you start winning rum al botem faith will be destroyed so a wait and vera


Next time you're going to promote your Alliance, at least put some effort in it rather than pulling it through Google Translate, because this is just horrible. I don't even know what you're trying to state in your main post to be honest.:s


Hey guys, do me a favor. First, lets keep threads on topic. Second, please be aware that we do not allow flaming on grammar and punctuation. If you feel a post is significantly bad, report it and I or a mod will handle it. Our server is all inclusive and even if a player is still learning English, I will welcome them and I hope the community will as well.