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Hello, my name is Bluff and I am a relatively unimportant player on this world who has returned to the game after a long vacation and am two weeks wearing the rust off. I have found the overall quality and character of the players in my part of the ocean to be less than I recall.

I had been looking for a guild and a week ago contacted two players from The Immortal 300 inquiring about joining and neither replied so I started looking elsewhere. I had come under attack from two different small alliances during my play and neither posed any difficulty. One in particular (King Alliance -- at least that is what I think their original name was before they ran for protection from me) attacked me repeatedly at significant losses to themselves and virtually no losses to me. They seemed very inexperienced (attacking with swords and bireme and such things so I offered them some advice on the correct units and the reasons to use them and such). They improved a little bit and continued to attack me so I decided to take one of their cities on an island where there were 4 or 5 of them on. I easily took the city and they even had tripwires within it -- and yes they sent support immediately after I landed my CS to replace the tripwires!!! They continued to attack me and so I set in plans to take another of their cities...

During one of their sad attacks upon me I set about looking for an alliance to join in the direction I was wanted to head. The Black Company was right in my path and seemed to be a very worthy consideration. I messaged their recruiter giving background information about my familiarity with the game and asking for what requirements were needed so I could approach the goals. It was during this typing of the message that I noticed the lot that had been attacking me had jumped and joined up with The Immortal 300 during their actions upon me. I have studied the maps of my areas a little and I felt I should fully disclose the situation to TBC so that there would be no misunderstandings or accusations of 'refuge' or such silliness. I hid nothing and was completely honest in my application for membership and so I continued to defend and counter against the ones that were attacking me.

While waiting to hear back from TBC I received this message from Lord Rogue of The Immortal 300:

"Iam going to make this clear i know you ran to the black company to join well we are pacted with them and you are attacking my members if you do not stop at this point you will be completly eliminated from this world stop all attacks at this point or get erased..."​

I soon replied and explained the situation and that he was absorbing what I would qualify as refuge (if an alliance can be a refuge from a single player, that is). He responded back with this:

"i dont really care your of no consequence we will be taking both of your cities here shortly good bye and TBC will not be taking you in thank you for the new city I will enjoy it"​

I again replied and advised him that he didn't speak for TBC (not that it was pertinent to the situation but it seemed relevant to him for some reason or other) and that his alliance was insignificant to TBC in the long run and that I was starting to feel obligated to illuminate the rest of the world to his foolishness on the forums and he replied back with this as well as blocking me also:

"post them on what forum you are a member of any alliance so don't run your mouth to me....we have a very good relationship with them so speak of something you may actually know about not something you have no clue of...so run your mouth elsewhere....and yeah some of these guys may be inferior to you but iam not and neither is the majority of my alliance. Well you didn't contact me about joining and I think we discussed you and decided that really your just food for us. Do not contact me further. again thank you for the cities have a nice day"​

Anyways my reason for posting was because he blocked me and I wanted anyone who may be interested to see the quality of his character as well as to indicate to all that I am no refuge nor am I fearful or distressed. I know how to defend my own but in such a seriously outnumbered situation I should fall soon enough but there is no glory in this for them and all should realize that. I have saved the messages and attacks should anyone be interested and I can fully back up my statements as truthful.


Haha enjoyed the post. Great way to kill off some time. I wish you luck on your endeavors bluff.


Hey I am glad to entertain and it is indeed an enjoyable time sink! Thanks for your wishes and I am still standing. Two of their CS adorn my walls and I have been running constant VP. I am not celebrating or gloating, though, as the inevitable is obvious to me but it is just that I will not lie down quietly. I have spoken to a few of their other members and they actually seem to be a very decent bunch and it was unfortunate that such had to be as it is. Too bad the mouth piece had to run it and block me like he did and leaving me only these forums to tell the tale.

Currently I am alone and isolated, under constant bombardment and with no safe port -- and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. I am hoping they will grow weary soon so I can stand atop the battlements and yell "My Turn"...
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My valiant efforts have not gone unnoticed. The commanders within TBC have drafted me into their service declaring "If you are to be fodder, you will be fodder at our disposal".


I'd advise you to farm instead of writing such long and silly stories. You'll need the resources soon :)


I'm loving this! Pm me in-game and I will send u some dlu :)